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    EagleTac Clicky Ti

    Eagtac D25A Clicky Ti 2015 shipping to dealers :naughty: It's difficult to reinvent the wheel :twothumbs
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    *NEW* Surefire Titan-A (1*AAA, 15/125 lumen)

    Is this AAA light fully manufactured in the U.S.A. ?
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    brightest 1 AAA led light?

    on 1 Enelop AAA the brightest is the Surefire AAA
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    Tiara / Tiara Pro. Multi-flashlights

    On the 3rd page of the PDF user manual of Tiara Pro V2 there is a section called "Specifying the battery type for correct voltage indication". 1) However the V2 models don't have a voltage indicator anymore, so why must the user specify the battery type? 2) And once specified, will this...
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    *NEW* Nitecore EA11 900lm 14500/AA

    Features: Dual switch design Secondary red LED Battery voltage indicator High efficiency constant current circuit Direct access turbo mode Direct access ultra-low mode 1.5 Meter impact resistant IPX-8 Waterproof Crafted from hard anodized aluminum Includes sturdy aluminum pocket...
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    New Zebralight SC5

    The word is out, the SC5 has reverse polarity protection. And due to the slightly bigger head, higher lumens output and altered reflector will also have more throw. Now. Are you looking into :thinking: buying the Zebralight SC5? :santa:
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    New Zebralight SC5

    There is an older merged thread which should be credited. Maybe the mods can merge this thread too, never mind. I've been informed by a fella that ZL CS said that the SC5 would be announced within shortly (1-2 months). Apparently the product is at the end of the pipeline, otherwise they...
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    What does 'cycle' mean exactly, how is it defined? Or what's the CYCLE mode on the MC3000, how does it compare to other chargers? There is a cycle mode on my Powerex MH-C9000 but i don't understand what it's really good for and i don't seem to need it anyway. Reduces the life of the batteries...
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    Fenix 2014 catalog - new products

    Is it possible to use the PD22UE head on the LD12 G2 body with a 14500 in it? Do the head and body lego, are they fully compatible with each other?
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    There is a prospected release date given in the updated PDF catalog:
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Anything missing? Here the former model for visual comparison thank you UPz:
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Re: 2nd gen dreamcharger presented on IFA Berlin 2014… Could you add support for analyzing Alkaline batteries as separate battery type?
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    i can poorly see anything. why is the LCD background lighting off, what's wrong?
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    SkyRC — IFA 2014 — MC3000 charger-analyzer

    Re: 2nd gen dreamcharger presented on IFA Berlin 2014… There is this obscure battery technology from the :hahaha:early 90's called RAM, Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese dioxide cell chemistry by BTI Battery Technologies Inc Canada, as still seen on amazon in the licensed iGo Green and Pure...