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  • LupinIII
    Tried to PM you Shyan but your inbox is full. Is your email still the same?
    Hello Silgt I sent you a pm but I'm not sure if it went through, please let me know. Thanks.
    Not sure if there is a way I can tell if your inbox is full but just in case, I wanted to let you know I answered your PM, please let me know thanks.
    Arm and Leg
    Your inbox is full.
    I'd rather get one in mint condition, and I've updated my post to avoid wasted time.
    Sorry about that!
    I'll get back about the JAH if I'm interested.
    Dear friends at CPF, thank you for visiting my profile page.

    Should you need to contact me, kindly send an email to me at: [email protected]

    Please do visit my website at www.22PLE.com

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