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    600 lumen headlamp on 3xAAAs....yeah right

    I had thought that heat dissipation would be a problem - hence not seeing it ever being 600 lumen in the first place. There is a part of me that fancies doing it though...just to see... In anycase. with that kind of brightness, all I would ever use it for is a quick whats that over there blast.
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    600 lumen headlamp on 3xAAAs....yeah right

    so...get one, cut the AAA battery box off and wire in a set of somewhat juicier cells? maybe 2x3 AAs in parallelwhich will reduce internal resistance and allow a fair old current?
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    600 lumen headlamp on 3xAAAs....yeah right

    Ebay item 200687990926 OK... 1) Is it remotely possible that the description is accurate or in any way correct (cos if it is, for £10 I'm having one). 2) On the premise it do this seller (and others) get away with describing it thus? eBay link removed, please do not link directly...
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    600 lumen healamp it just a advertising bluff...would you get one?
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    Ebay 18650 (aspheric?) headlamps

    Hi Guys I'm the guy who started the thread referred to by the OP. I've had a couple of the AAA versions of these all winter and have just received a AA version. The plastic hinge is really poor (I think) and will wear out really quickly- thats the bad news. The good news is it is possible to...
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    New Headlamp

    Thanks for the fast reply - yes, I have been lurking about CPF for some time (err...longer than a year) but tend to on another forum as torches are a side interest for me...:eek: Get your point about declared versus actual light output. Its all relative - remembering the days of the Petzl Zoom...
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    New Headlamp

    I am tempted by I will only be using it every now and then - whole months could go by and it will stay dark. The main use will be illuminate objects/people/things on hillsides as I have proximity...
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    Modding Petzl Duo

    I am completely new to this - so bear with me..... I have a petzl Duo languishing in a drawer. It has the 5LED flood conversion already, which I really liked, but has the halogen spot light, which I didnt because of the very short battery life and bulb life - it went phut once when I really...