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    Please Recommend a 4000K-4100K High-CRI *Throwy/Spot* Headlamp

    borrower: Thanks. Actually we have 5000K,CRI93 option which combined with same TIRs produces more throw than "standard" XP-L2 LEDs. Equipped with narrowest 2x13° TIRs I would say it has some throw. BTW. xcandrew mentioned LH351D 4000K, that can be bought with CRI80. Thats in my opinion best...
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    Fenix HM65R-T, Super Raptor 2? Anything better?

    MikeG: Some beam distance figures are here: 4500K, CRI70 are Cree XP-L2, the second option is Hi-CRI 5000K,CRI93 Samsung LH351D (12% lower intensity). They are different LEDs, but prized the same. Its up to the customer if he wants the highest...
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    Fenix HM65R-T, Super Raptor 2? Anything better?

    60 degree tilt seems to me ok. We have similar max. angle and out of few thousands customers, no one complained. I usually tilt my headlamp to something like 30 degrees, never change the angle and its fine both for close up and distance. seery: Good points. Actually never needed to rotate lamp...
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    Fenix HM65R-T, Super Raptor 2? Anything better?

    Hi, Fenix says 4000K-5000K, which is quite large range. There probably exists some similar lamps with at least true 4000K temperature. Bigger cells are 21700 but IMHO they are too heavy. 18650 has plenty of energy for night hiking with a dog, I would stay with it. 21700 provides 50% more...
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    Misleading runtimes in ANSI NEMA FL-1?

    Hi all CPF folks, I want to know your comments about ANSI NEMA FL-1 which I personally find very defective, specifically runtimes. The problem is that this standard published in 2009 by companies like Petzl, Coleman, Energiner, Black Diamond.. doesnt differentiate between regulated and...
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    18650 cells 1 year storage?

    Because this voltage is somekind of neutral voltage for the chemistry used and cells with this voltage age the less. There are two aging effects, if I recall right, one happen in lower voltages and one in upper voltage. Indicated voltage value is a compromise, sweet spot for longetivity.
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    18650 cells 1 year storage?

    Yes. If its unprotected or good quality protected, then the discharge will be very low, surely will leave more than 76% charge in the cell. I dont have any numbers by my side, but I work with these li-ions everyday, so Im quite sure.
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    Most 18650 Headlamps Just do not Last Long Enough

    Nitecore HC60 uses XM-L2 (U2bin), little old LEDs generation, there are much better LEDs now, like XP-L2 (V6,W2 bins). If we compare directly just LEDs (not taking into account optic and driver losses which may also differ) XP-L2 are 22-25% more efficient. Can be easily verified on
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    Glue for collimator?

    Its so many years after OP asked but If someone needs solution its UV curable glue. Its less visible, do no create fumes and last much longer than superglue. I know it because we used both of them and UV is really much better.
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    Building ultra high CRI floodlights using 50W or 100W COB's

    You should clarify some points so somebody can help you, because its very general description. Your link doesnt show anything so special. Yes CRI90 is fine but nothing extraordinary. What light output do you need? Should the lamp cool down statically? Do you need handheld ot tripod mounted...
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    Fenix HM61R ticking all the boxes?

    It depends much on what discharge current are you using and if you go to the lowest alowable voltage (2.5V). In my experience same (quality) batteries under same discharge parameters tend to be very close each other, definately not 175mAh.
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    Petzl NAO+ battery life - am I being unreasonable?

    Szemhazai: Ok, you are right, but still you buy cheap new battery which will provide you same runtime as original cell with the advantage of just partial discharging=longer life. When you direct connect them and you enter "safety mode", then you are able to swap cell in the holder and...
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    4680 cell lights

    Technically not true. Every kind of switching regulator can work with 90+ efficiences. I personally built lot of buck´s and boost´s for our headlamps with variety of input/output voltages. Reasons why most manufacturers use linears in single cell flashlights are simplicity and prize.
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    4680 cell lights

    Absolutely agree. I am quite sure Tesla 4860 battery will never get to the public.
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    Petzl NAO+ battery life - am I being unreasonable?

    Yes, sure, we know that Petzl sucks. Its huge company and just wants you to spend money on new products, not to keep old lamps going. But, why make it so difficult (building your own battery) when you can buy compatible battery for fair prize and with best capacity available? Check this...