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    Surefire Beast

    I thought those ran on primaries in the handle..
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    Backwards in time

    Those are called “guilt free lumens” - A phrase first coined by Paul from Maryland I do believe
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    Need a new charger for AGM & wet car batteries

    I’ve switched to NOCO brand chargers and maintainers around my place.. I’ve had so many other brands fail that I can’t count them all.. This brand has been most reliable and trouble free.
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    Sold/Expired WTS:SF M2, E1E, E2E, C3, C2, KT-1, G2, Par36, Malkoff, Leaf, 4Sevens, Zebra

    Re: WTS:SF E1E, Leaf 3x18650 body, FM incan sockets, Pelican 3854, SF P60 Lamps I’ll take 1 #21 and #22 1 pewter 1 blurple
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    Sold/Expired Surefire lights and compatible parts. All sold...

    Re: Surefire lights and compatible parts FS... I’ll take the G3
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    Sold/Expired Remaining withdrawn

    Re: WTS: Misc New and Used I’ll take #2 and #9 please PM incoming
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    Challenge Week #1: Incandescent Only! (2021 edition)

    I’m in as well.. 2aa streamlights around the house.. E2e and 6P to work. 2x26650 body with M4 head and MN15 for bumps in the night and the M6 with 2x18650 as well
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    Any Interest in Starting a New "Weekly Challenge" Series?

    Let us begin.... A good light based challenge sounds like some flashaholic fun...
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    Sold/Expired FS - RED Orings to fill Lanyard Ring Gap G2 & 6P style

    Back to the top
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    Priceless Flashlight

    1 Thess 4:13 indeed.. I often wonder about all these lights sitting around here and what may become of them one day in my absence. I pray that my sons may do and feel as you..
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    Computer Help Needed - Wake on Lan

    Sorry for my late response.. I haven’t had time to get this project to the the front burner. I think the link provided by WOL will help me realize this endeavor And TorboDog, the computers will not be on the same network
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    Computer Help Needed - Wake on Lan

    I have a neighbor that needs to utilize the Wake On Lan feature for a couple of machines he is sending out of county/state. I was wondering if someone could help me get this working. I've read a lot of how to's and I am still struggling. Will probably need spoon feeding about it.. Thanks in advance
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    Sold/Expired Surefires, Zebralights, Malkoff, Thrunite, Sunwayman - lots of deals

    I’ll take the $20 patriotic spirit
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: small lot of lights

    Re: FS: small lot of lights I know!! How did that last 4 hours?!?