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    Manker CrownVN - World's First Electrochromic Flashlight

    Very impressive and practical. It is still way more efficient than zoomies.
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    The Lounge 2021

    Vinh have you tried the new SFT40? Seems to outthrow SBT90.2 and flux bin the same as the SST40. Unlike XHP35hi is lower bin than XHP35HD.
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    Maxtoch X Sword L2Kvn - 2.5 Mcd LEP Thrower

    Are you planning to mod the new L3K?
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    Tint Comparison

    I use hi cri 4000k for night hikes. I think it is perfect for night time foliage. But if there are insects I use 2000k since it contains the least amount of blue wavelengths, which insects are attracted to.
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    Tint Comparison

    Vinh, you might want to consider getting some of these 1900k HI CRI leds to mod. It doesn't have to be flashlights. Maybe night lights. I will definitely buy some if used in the right application.
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    Tint Comparison

    I've been in love with 2000k tint since I had kids. I use it to check up on them at night without waking them up. I now leave a E21A 2000k on at night in their room in moonlight mode. It's fantastically warm and cozy.
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    Tint Comparison

    Wow Vinh actually care about tint now! What a suprise! :)
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    The Lounge 2021

    The first time I turned on the E21A 2000k 9080 Armytek Tiaro Pro, it was daytime and I was like yuck so orange. Then a few months later I used it at night and fell in love! Once your eyes adapt, it is no longer orange. It is near identical to candle light and you can make out all the colors...
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    E12Rvn VS K9.3vn

    Your pic shows E12Rvn making 6500L but your written description says 9500L. Which one is correct. I'm assuming 6500L but it doesn't make sense that the k9.3vn with only 9 emitters make 7500L, which is 1500L more than the E12Rvn.
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    SKV89's LED Strips and bulbs test results

    I ordered a new batch of Auxmer (formerly Auxma) LED strips to test. My all time favorite was their 2400k. Seems the quality haven't changed after two or more years. They recently released the 2200k, which is also amazing. The 2000k is like candle light and perfect for the bedroom as it produces...
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    Noctigon KR1vn - Highest Performance 18650 Compact Thrower R

    The KR1vn90 deserves to be one of your best sellers. The performance is freaking amazing. The output and throw I measured is better than anything I've measured for that size even if it only last for seconds. Such a fun little light!
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    Fireflies E12R

    There are many people on the other forum complaining that the new Fireflies lights are dim and that is because they are not even in Turbo. You cannot enter Turbo the same way you enter Turbo by simply double clicking twice like it was in Anduril 1. The easiest way to enter turbo is click and...
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    Fireflies E12R, NOV-MU, T9R, T1R prototype test results

    You're welcome. Forgot to mention I measured the discharge capacity of the Fireflies new HIZY 22430 2000mah battery at 2,112mah. That is incredible considering the larger Acebeam 26350 that came with the E10 measures 2,111mah.
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    The Lounge 2021

    If you are interested, I posted measurements for some of Fireflies latest releases
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    Fireflies E12R, NOV-MU, T9R, T1R prototype test results

    For comparison, you can see my measurements performed on Emisar/Noctigon's latest series of lights. I will post the Noctigon K9.3 results at a later date because I forgot to test that one...