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    Fenix P1 SSC P4 (Last Luxeon Standing)

    Soon it's seven years. I still use this light every day, all year, carried in it's belt holster. Never a failure. The only other lights that has been working without problems are my modded Mags and my Liteflux LF1 with updated emitters. All other lights I've had during this time have failed in...
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    Budget led security lighting, eave lights and some spots

    There is a wave of breakins in our neighborhood right now. Several of the offenders have been taken by the local watch, but the cops wont take them.
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    Eaves LED lighting project.

    Quote from OP "I'd like to get some landscape lighting later to point from ground upward at the front facade...." On a brick house green CREE XR-? look spectacular. I have used green XR-C for this in simple spots from DIY "make your own led bulb kits". It's very eye catching and adds atmosphere...
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    Budget led security lighting, eave lights and some spots

    Thanks Blasterman, the effect was what I specifically wanted. Have to mount the emitters a bit out from the wall, 3-4 dm at least, to get the effect. The 3 x 3 watt spot fixture mounted on the wall: View from the fixture: A pic of it in operation, it's bright:
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    Budget led security lighting, eave lights and some spots

    Basic ingredients. Cree XR-E ~3000K on a slab of aluminum, 15 x 30 x 3 mm. Cheap optics from DX et al. Epoxied and wired. Generic driver, 350mA to 1-8 emitters. Result. 2 x 1 Watt spots. Generic driver for 1-3 emitters @ 350 mA. Same spots from the kitchen door...
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    Happy 100th birthday Chevrolet

    In some European countries there are quite a few commercials for small Chevrolet branded cars made by Daewoo; Chevrolet Aveo, Spark, Cruze and so on. Used to be Daewoo branded here.
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    Maybe a bit OT. SOPA has two meanings in the Swedish language. At a personal level it's an insult meaning you're a dirt bag. Generally it just means garbage (the kind you throw away). I find this slightly funny...
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    How To Mod a Maglite P7 - 38 PICS

    Hello Jamie91! A simple AMC7135 driver from a number of suppliers on several continents that drive one Cree XM-L emitter. Using three C NiMh cells will work wonderfully in a 2D host. Need to remove the anodising in the tailcap and cut the spring so it fits in the recess. Also something to make...
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    Opinions on Nokia N9 16/64 GB Smartphone.

    I got the 64 GB version a few days ago and I find it satisfying with all it's features, even got a developers setting in the soft. Others find it lacking. What's your (owners) opinion? As a sidenote; it measured in at 64.2 GB and it was labelled made in Finland.
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    Spear/RQ driver mod. On request.

    I made a gift of my last RQ recently. Before that I installed a failsafe 4x7135 AMC one level driver and supplied the recipient with one Sanyo 18650 cell and the appropriate one cell charger. This is an old thread, but the Spear/RQ were nice and slightly different at the time. Still good...
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    Review of IKEA Jansjö.

    You just pry the lens out of the Rebel based ones to access the emitter. In mine the 'stars' are screwed down and have thermal grease, but I found no reason to change the reasonably efficient Rebel to anything else. Also the 'stars' have components on them so a reflow would be necessary, two...
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    Koenigsegg leave Saab out to dry

    The really sad part is that the Swedish government really doesn't care one bit. We are moving into a post-industrial society they say. Manufacturing cars has no place there, so we won't help SAAB. No care for industry, development etc. SAAB is a key player in that part of the country, lots of...
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    What browser do you use?

    I use whatever that does not report me to any company or authority. Which is scarce!
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    Pepper spray - any California users here with recommendations?

    A 'non-lethal' alternative is an expandable baton to complement the spray. I have no idea if it's legal to carry where you live, but if it is it will greatly increse your reach and efficiency. It's very effective and actually works as a deterrant if you can deploy it correctly timed...
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    How do XML's work in a XRE reflector (emitter swap upgrade) ??

    The XM-L sits a bit below the rim of the reflector opening in my modded former XR-E lights, eg. MRV or Tiablo A9. I use a spacer made from soft thin rubber to get the right focus and to stop debris entering the reflector.