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    WOW!!! New Fenix PD36R Pro 2800 Lumen Flashlight

    Unfortunately it looks like a very cool withe led (6500 K)
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    What was your prep for today?

    This does not surprise me, I have seen hikers (with family) face the dark in the woods or mountains without a flashlight and replying "we have smartphones" He may be looking for a missile attack app on his phone.
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    OLIGHT Baton 3 Pro review

    Yes I know about the Gober's battery but it's a $ 14.95 gadget and I can tolerate it. Does the new version Baton have a traditional 18650 battery? I knew it has some special contacts and that normal 18650s don't fit.
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    OLIGHT Baton 3 Pro review

    Thanks for the review. But more interested in the new Olight Gober than the Baton flashlight (I don't like proprietary batteries)
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    Power bank that can be charged with apple "lightning" cord recommendation

    I have two of them and they are a good power bank, it looks reliable and long lasting. (one is already many years old)
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    Recommend me a Red LED flashlight for stargazing

    I received today a Convoy S2 with 620 nm red led (KR CSLNM1.23 SST-20-DR) I bought it from the official store and it was cheap. 620 nm red is what I was looking for, I don't like too deep red. It is really beautiful and also has a very low Moonlight level. With that low level it could make a...
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    You Just Know Your A Flashaholic When......

    When to find out if you have a flashlight or not, look in your e-mail first than look for it in the containers. (I'm trying to figure out if I've ever bought a Zebralight H52w and a SC52w and I'm looking in the 2014 mail)
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    Heat Wave 2022

    If I understand this article correctly we could go from extreme heat to the exact opposite. A particularly cold winter with difficulty in heating due to the energy crisis...
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    Will I turn into a Maglite fan once again?

    Thank you Edit: But I think I will orient myself on a Convoy 2700 K (undecided between a led 351 and 519A)
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    What was your prep for today?

    Yesterday I bought another 15L water tank. Also bought drill bits and many nails of various sizes if I had to improvise chicken coop in the small tool shed I have in the garden
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    Recently released Olight Classic 2 Pro

    Over the past six months the prices of the solar panels have risen a lot and there is nothing cheap. I've always bought AllPowers and X-Dragon
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    Single battery storage case for 26650

    Do you really mean waterproof ? In the 18650 format there are various metal options but so big maybe you could fit with this? It is too big you should put something to keep the battery from rattling. I
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    Can I say Goodbye to my flashlight?

    There are those who also use vinegar to clean from battery residues. I'm thinking they suggested baking soda above. For the uninitiated, vinegar and bicarbonate together are a very powerful mixture (when mixed they immediately form a foam) that is used for household cleaning without using...
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    G3 Geomagnetic Storm Incoming

    I know we don't have 100% prediction capability for solar flares. And that in the past some things have escaped observation and were known too late or when they were already on the way. Sooner or later there will be another Carrington event and its consequences could be disastrous. The collapse...
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    [REVIEW] Bug-A-Salt 3.0 bugasalt salt gun review

    I could be wrong but I don't know of any mechanics here using those products. If it is an imported product it is normal that it costs so much, the products that come from the USA are all too expensive, transport and taxes make everything too expensive.