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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Depends on what you mean by ‘bad’. It is DEFINITEY noticeable if you are white wall hunting. But it is a whole lot less noticeable in the field. In other words, it is (at least in my opinion) perfectly acceptable for an actual working flashlight. I would DEFINITELY still buy the light if I knew...
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    I got my SC700d last Saturday. In the last few days, I have been able to test the light on a hike. And overall, I am quite pleased with it. First and foremost, the tint is pretty much as others here have described it. The hotspot and spill are quite nice. But there IS a rather ugly yellowish...
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    best single aaa flashlight

    That’s because the incandescent Solitaire only produced TWO lumens. In comparison, seven lumens would have been like the sun. Think (for instance) of how much more useful the Sofirn C01 is at around 7 lumens than the incandescent Solitaire.
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    SC700d coming today!
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    Zebralight sc30 sent back to factory for repair. $15.00

    I just sent them my SC600Fd III Plus for replacement of a cracked lens. This actually happened back in 2017. But the light somehow disappeared shortly afterwards. I found it again just a few weeks back, and sent it out on Wednesday.
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    hello everyone 14500 vs energizers litium batterys

    No. Energizer L91 lithium batteries are lithium primaries producing around 1.7V - rather similar to ordinary AA batteries. 14500s are lithium ion batteries producing 3.2V (IFR) or 3.7V (ICR, IMR, INR, etc) nominal. If your light can safely run on higher voltage 14500s, your light will ALWAYS run...
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Got my shipping notice yesterday. According to tracking, I should have my light on Saturday.
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    Sofirn C01 Potted AAA w High CRI

    Is it just the light I got, or does this light REALLY not have any kind of lens to protect the reflector and emitter?
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    What’s your favorite 14500 flashlight

    Agreed. I also think that no longer supporting 14500 is the worst decision Zebralight has ever made with their AA lights.
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    Does the 26650 size fit a C cell mag diameter wise?

    How old is the Mag? Also, are you trying to use protected cells?
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Then again, can you get a bike light that is NOT low cri cool white? I don’t know about you. But I would NEVER willingly downgrade from something like the SC600Fc to cool white! And although I don’t know how the SC700d compares to the SC600Fc. But even if it’s nowhere as good, I’m SURE it’s...
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    Would 3AA in parallel sag less than 1D?

    One thing to keep in mind here is that, while three alkaline batteries in parallel have a lower internal resistance than an alkalkne D cell, the same advantage is NOT seen with NiMH. In other words, all other factors being equal, three parallel AA batteries will NOT have a lower internal...
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    Since I preordered on December 4 and likely won’t be getting mine for a while, I wonder if I could just have Zebralight send me this one instead.
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    New 4 D Cell Maglite ML 300

    Probably because the light is marketed for use with alkaline batteries. Using four alkaline batteries allows for the use of a buck converter, which helps to reduce the draw on current-challenged alkalines. The extra cell also helps with the voltage sag resulting from the use of saggy alkaline...
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    Zebralight SC700d 21700 XHP70.2 90+CRI

    I’m sure it does. The only time there could ever possibly be a problem is on H1.