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    Surefire Hellfire

    I went through all 28 pages of the hellfire thread and could only find a pic.... would be interested if anyone has ever changed the bulb/balast themselves? it does look like what you said with the d1s?
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    Surefire Hellfire

    is there anyway to confirm that? any old threads on what's in this light?
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    2C FM11 & 3C FM85 Ready To Ship

    Hi FM thanks for that, I can't buy with my amazon account and I can't set up a amazon. jp account due to not having a Japanese phone number... if one of our Asian friends could do a group buy or even a bulk buy... one to you in the US and one to me in the UK... I would happy buy $100 worth or...
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    2C FM11 & 3C FM85 Ready To Ship

    FM, in the 3xC version how well will some of the avaliable 12v G4 bi pin bulbs work? maybe not the 12v long life as you can over drive these to 15v+ but the 100/ 50 hour versions.... its the bulb situation (no 1185 ect ect) that puts me off these amazing looking lights
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    lumens factory otf lumens?

    Do you mean the lamp or the battery runtime?
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    Surefire Hellfire

    Can you get replacement lamps and balasts for These? I have seen some at a good price but don't want to get stuck with an expensive ornament! I did try to find some threads but nothing directly addressing this???
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    lumens factory otf lumens?

    Talking of Malkoff I just ordered my first one! it's only taken me... "however long Malkoff has been making p60 drop ins".... its a neutral L M H, will see if it lives upto all I have heard? I am still very happy with my FM bored 6P running p91 via 2x 18350's I got few months back. Those were...
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    For Sale Misc flashlights for sale. See pics.

    The blue mag looks like a Mac 10w Hid? anyone else think that? could you get a few more pics up of it? Surefire flat sided aviator but i dont know the other two?
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    What is the most reliable AAA keychain light?

    I had a sunwayman for years (2 outputs one) and I got my wife a eo5 fenix with tir lense, she it the best tester as she destroys everything she touches from cars to phones... you name it she will destroy it.. price means nothing. that fenix still functions like new even if it looks terrible 😀...
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    Want an overall beast with throw and flood

    I still have a long role of magnesium tape that's fun to light... I wonder how many lumens you get doing it 😉 when I worked on a firebase in Afghanistan (For the US DOD, I am English) they used to fire flares out of those howitzers! they would light up a whole valley from pitch black to "read a...
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    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    my first quality light was one of the first hds 60 lights Henery sold... I think you could get a 42 and a 60 lumens version and I got the 60? before that it was a single aa light like a bigger version of an arc aaa... can't remember the name of it for the life of me 😞 and a Q111, that was like...
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    what was the first led flashlight you owned?

    10 or 12 I think 🤔 but that might be the latter ones.... someone who knows more than me (won't be difficult) will chime in I am sure
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    Surefire 3P

    Cool, if you want a cheap lumen fix you can get a 3.7v lamp from kai. com for about $4 . might be nice just to keep it stock, you still see 3v lamps on ebay....
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    What model light do you have the most of?

    If you can use a soldering iron, hot air gun and a glue gun you can make a perfect replica battery pack... tbh the hardest bit was the two solder connections on the round battery contact pad! and that really wasn't that hard just a little awkward. Oh, I got the battery's that had pre spotwelded...