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Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to review a product. Below are my standard terms:

Review Terms and Conditions:

1. The review will be published on the internet. The choice of forums and sites is up to me, and the review will be linked to my master list of reviews.

2. If I encounter any problems with the light, I will let you know in advance so you can respond to these concerns before I post the review.

3. I will advise you when the review is online. With your consent, I may update my review text to include your comments on specific points, but only at my discretion. You accept that I have the final say on all my review text.

4. You accept that the review will be my honest opinion, and that while I strive to accurately represent information about the product or materials being reviewed, no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the information, and you will not hold me liable in any way for damages, consequential or otherwise, that result from your participation in the review process.

5. Review materials become the property of the reviewer and will not be returned. I do not ask for any other form of compensation for the review.

6. I will add an acknowledgement to the review that you provided the sample for review, but that all opinions contained within the review are my own.

7. I will make every effort to get the review done as quickly as possible, but you acknowledge that there are other demands on my time, and that no guarantee can be made as to how long it will take.

8. I will use my standard battery of tests developed in the other reviews that I have posted online, although I reserve the right to decide which tests are posted and in what format.

9. You may link to images and runtime graphs from my reviews posted online, as long as you inform me ahead of time, and appropriate credit is given.

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