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    What is the longest you have carried the same EDC light?

    It has been 2 or 3 years now since I have been active on the forums and randomly decided to log in and get back to browsing. I saw this old thread in my profile and thought I would update it. Still carrying the same Olight H1 and I carried the LD12 2017 until May of last year when I switched to...
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    YouTube "Flashlight Reviewers"

    Outside of Advanced Knife Bro's videos I agree with you completely and why I have pretty well given up on watching reviews. I primarily only buy Fenix anymore so usually don't care about a beforehand review as I can tell what it'll be like from their specs. If I do watch a video it's only to see...
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    New Fenix Lights 2021

    I was surprised by this as well. I don't own one but will now as I have always thought it was a solid option for a simple 18650 light. Where did you get one already? Prototype testing or review sample? It looks like it's going to be great for long runtime work headlamp.
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    New Fenix Lights 2021

    Looking at the English version I see some additional new lights that have been released yet: E05R: a USB rechargeable E01 size light with a side switch E09R: a USB rechargeable E12 size light with a side switch LR80R: an updated RC40 that is 18k lumens and comes with a carry handle WF30R...
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    New Flashlights for everyone!

    Yup, it won't be a primary carry light. Just a small, lightweight light for my around the house lounge carry.
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    Pacific Coast Highway slides into the Pacific

    Wonder what their method of repair will be? Build a bridge over the newly formed gorge?
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    *2021* New Fenix TK16 V2.0, E-Lite and LR50R

    I am liking the TK16 V2 quite a bit. Will definitely be picking one up to fill the gap between my LD12 2017 and TK75 2015. The LR50R is quite impressive and I like that they incorporated both a rechargeable pack and the option to use 4x21700s. I believe this makes it the first light to do so...
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    Elzetta AVS Upgrade (2021): Bravo and Charlie

    I've got an old AVS Bravo on my shotgun and thought it to be about the perfect hard use light. Sucks they changed the color tint, they always marketed how much better the color rendering was of their lights and why that's important in the situations they were designing the light for.
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    New Flashlights for everyone!

    That E-Lite looks like a perfect option for my bare bones minimalist carry setup
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    Current charger/analyzer options

    Haven't been nearly as active in the flashlight world as I used to be and am not up to speed with what charger/analyzers are available. My Optus BT-C3100 finally bit the dust this morning (luckily not in a dramatic fashion) so I am looking for a replacement. So far I have been eyeballing the...
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    Do you switch out your EDC light or keep it the same?

    I have been carrying a Fenix LD12 2017 with a 14500 and an Olight H1 Nova headlamp almost every day since they were each released. The only time I haven't carried the LD12 is when I have been carrying my Eagletac D25A clicky but that hasn't been too often. I don't switch as these two have...
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    NEW!! E35 V3.0 and ALG-05 Tactical Remote Pressure Switch QD Mount

    Looks nice but would really like a low of 5 lumens or less and then to see a Tac version released with a tail switch.
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    *2020* New Fenix E28R And Fenix E12 V2

    While I'd like neutral white and a moonlight mode, I still really like this light and will pick one up as a loandr/demo light and as a backup to my LD12 2017.
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    describe Advanced Pulse-Frequency Transmission System (APF) ?

    X2. Interesting benefits but I think a lot of us want to know the how and why of the inner workings. Anyways, it sounds like this technology should allow for the E35 V3.0 to get a tailswitch upgrade and a true sub 1 lumen moonlight mode!
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    describe Advanced Pulse-Frequency Transmission System (APF) ?

    I have been wondering this myself.