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    EV range paradox

    Speaking of EV batteries and efficiency, did you guys watch the Tesla event a couple hours ago? Really impressive numbers! Their semi-truck does 0-60 in 5 seconds or 20 seconds with 40k lbs load in the trailer, it has 4 motors and a 500 miles range, even more impressive are the new chargers...
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    Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I can't seem to find an Eu distributor, even contacted SF international before posting here a few days ago and still no reply...
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    Got it, next week mass availability, thanks. Since I haven't been active in the flashlight market lately I'm not so up to date on currant best stores, for example I've just noticed Lighthound doesn't exist anymore, if one of you could PM me some EU shipping enabled ones that stock all SF new...
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    Since I can't order from the SF website (they don't ship to Italy), can you guys point me to an Eu distributor that already has the 2t in stock? Already tried eBay with no luck and don't know where else to look for...
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    Short gun rail mounted cameras

    I still remember the Burris Shotcam that came out 9 years ago, are there better alternatives nowadays with higher res/fps and wire/bluetooth liveview, maybe even superimposed crosshair or dot? What about 60hz thermals with same size and connectivity?
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    SUREFIRE Phone Cases! WTH?

    Linked at the exact timestamp for your own convenience: Basically a powerpack for your phone that doubles as a photo/video light with full frame coverage and, wait for it, 1,500 effing lumens! At $249 I guess it would be worth it for video shooting alone, too...
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    UV light for Amber searching

    Unfortunately 365nm LEDs are still expensive, so even a DIY solution won't be cheap at the moment and the only powerful UV flashlights I've seen can be bought on forensics specific websites, but cost several (and I mean several) hundred dollars. The best bang for the buck right now, at least...
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    Automotive BMW developing laser headlights

    BMW laser and OLED headlights presentation from CES2015 Thread Merge - Norm This is pure porn!
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    Osram LEDs illuminate the Sistine Chapel

    Being Italian I wanted to know more about this huge project, no tech details about the emitters to be found anywhere unfortunately :-\ Instead only close minded people complaining about "ruining the original presentation" and badmouthing about the supposedly inflated budget, that according to...
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    Nitecore Chameleon Series CR6 CG6 CB6 (XP-G2, XP-E, 5mm - 18650) Review: BEAMS, RUN+

    If anyone is interested only in the UV component of this light, I ended up getting it and I'm very happy with the results, here you can see a couple shots I took the other day: The first in each series has been taken under normal room light, the second under this...
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    Nitecore Chameleon Series CR6 CG6 CB6 (XP-G2, XP-E, 5mm - 18650) Review: BEAMS, RUN+

    So there's no way it's a 3,000mw outputting 1,000mw at 365nm as advertised?
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    Post your Pelican case setup!

    6 years after opening this thread I finally post again XDA 1400 hosting the long awaited Oculus Rift dk2, maybe I'll put a Lummi Wee Titanium in the empty space under the N.E.S.T. patch...
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    Automotive BMW developing laser headlights

    Just in from Audi:
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    Automotive BMW developing laser headlights

    It seems you can finally buy them as a high beam optional package, provided you can afford an i8 :-)