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    Hi, Im looking for Surefire EB2's Backup does not matter if it's the black or tan version Tactical or clicky, I'm interested if the price is right. Located in Miami Florida. Thank you.
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    Single Cell CR123A Lights: What do you use?

    Streamlight ProTac 1L, enough said, gorgeous little light! Rides in my pocket since 2019!
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    Nyogel 760G

    Seal 1 CLP plus paste is all that I use, never had problems with it!
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    Surefire tactician oddity

    Hopefully SF makes it right for you, honestly the light is overrated, terrible clip, head will get so hot that will burn you and the tail cap is no te best, what not to like?
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    Best AA edc flashlight?

    Wow! just a couple of members like the Streamlight Protac 1LAA, this is my daily carry and works fine and is though as steel, love the light for $40 at Bass pro on sale!
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    Issues with 16340 and RCR123A batteries in Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

    I'm not that technical and I have a couple of questions: I´m using Surefire charger and batts, this: On my Surefire EB2, EDCL1-T and Backup MV lights. I'm okay using these on my lights or should I stick with Surefire 123A only? Thanks.
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    FOR TRADE, Surefire E series Tailcaps in great shape.

    Hi, I have two tailcpas for trade, looking for a EB2 Clicky tailcaps in FDE or Black. Please let me know what you have, thank you. Attached you will find pics. Thank you.
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    Leatherman Rebar - The Sofirn of multitools?

    I love my coyote Rebar and you are right it needs a "break-in period" to make it right. I applied Lucas extreme duty CLP (what I use on my guns) and after a few days it more loose. The Cerakote is holding fine after a year of use but my son gave me a Curl for Christmas and I was sold on the...
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    Any luck contacting Olight customer service?

    Does that exist? Olight CCS does not exist, with the latest recall, they did not want to replace my light because I did not have a receipt. Try to contact them for months and they will never reply, I just stay away from it!
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    SureFire EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT

    It's funny because most of the clients are average civilian Joes that are firearm enthusiasts! SF has military contracts but most of them are in weapon light systems, not handhelds and police departments and other agencies tend to buy Streamlight for the satisfactory performance and great price...
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    SureFire EB2 Backup - Review, photos, beamshots and discussion

    Does SF still make parts for the EB2?
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    【Discussion】What's your favorite flashlight and why?

    Surefire EB1 and Surefire EB2 simple as that!
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    right angled flashlights?

    Streamlight Protac 90, simply the best! Works with CR123 or AA good enough for me!
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    W What light is that? Thank you.
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    What light(s) is in your pocket today?

    Cloud Defensive MCH micro on me right now!

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