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    got gas?

    Distance-wise yes. But time-wise, I think our speed limits, perpetual road works and heavy traffic would mean you're more likely to hit the State Line before I even make it through Bridgewater... and that's assuming I don't burn through a whole tank waiting for all the traffic lights in Slough...
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    Acebeam new EDC E70 now is presenting

    I couldn't possibly comment without a sample to examine in person.... :whistle::grin2:
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    Olight S1R Baton II – quicker shut off firmware?

    The Olight S1R Baton II torch is an EDC torch, not a 'tactical' one. The tiny, easy-to-carry size is quite indicative of this, as most tactical torches of any real use will be roughly hand-sized. Best 'tactial' torch I have found so far is the Fenix TK11 TAC. Big enough that you can operate...
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    got gas?

    Aw, shame..... Tell them to call me, once it goes past $8 per gallon. That's the UK average price!! :laughing:
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    Recommendation for a Fenix Charger

    I'm not a massive Nitecore fanboy, but I and many others use the D4 Digicharger. It charges well and pretty safely, gets good reviews and, above all, is pretty simple-straightforward-idiotproof... so perfect for us technophobes! It doesn't take 21700s though, so perhaps look at their recent...
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    where'd you get your Leather Flashlight/Knife wallet?

    Yes, again plenty of sellers offering this on Etsy, often made to your exact specifications.
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    where'd you get your Leather Flashlight/Knife wallet?

    Sounds like you want an 'EDC pocket organiser' sort of thing. There are an absolute tonne of them on Etsy, in both leather and other materials at pretty much all price ranges and build qualities, with many offering various config and customisation options. I'm more of a secured Cordura pouch...
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    Looking for an angle light - red LED

    I have the LD15R myself - If I want to go to red without the white, I just cover the lens with a thumb for a second. The worst you get is a dim red thumb-tip lighting the area up, before the real red kicks in. Every review I've seen (here and elsewhere) has quite keenly pointed out (and usually...
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    What do you think the best folding knife

    I have a few knives here and there. My latest is a CRKT Pilar HH edition non-locking slip joint in red G10. But the only ones I actually end up carrying are Victorinox SAKs, really.
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    Looking for an angle light - red LED

    Here's a database of torches (including head lamps), with various things to search on using the easy filters at the top. Some have coloured filters - Others have actual red LEDs -...
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    Need a liw powered headlamp

    Well, Bill only posted it this morning and some of us have only just gotten up. I generally like Fenix lights. The HL50 is quite old, so might be found fairly cheap. That takes a standard AA. Review here: There are quite a few options...
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    Fenix New Fenix HP16R Headlamp

    Which is it, though - 1300 or 1700? Or is it a case of Flood + Spot = 1700... in which case what are the (presumably now reduced) runtimes for having both on at the same time?
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    Camping Mattress

    I've heard people say this a lot. In 35 years of camping and fighting in some pretty harsh conditions, I've yet to find any truth in it from my own experience, or any substantiation in the science behind the assertions. Most of the training I've had asserts that 65-90% of body heat is lost...
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    Google, YouTube, etc... Loads of free tutorials and image-guides on different weaves. Large quantities of paracord are probably best done with a sinnet. Sinnets are basically chains woven from a single length of rope or cord and, in the case of paracord ones, you usually just undo the securing...
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    Fenix 2021 Fenix Catalog...Start Your "Wish List" With Fenix Store (quick download)

    Re: 2021 Fenix Catalog...Start Your "Wish List" With Fenix Store (quick download) I'll keep an eye out, for whichever century the UK gets stock in!