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    Dude fell into nuclear plant cooling water, reaching for flashlight.

    I like how it turned into nuclear waste in three posts
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    New trend in high-beam etiquette: don't turn them off, ever.

    My new low beam policy is "you first". As soon as the oncoming vehicle dims his lights I do as well. If they want to play high beam headlight chicken I'm game.
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    Looking for a dog light. . .

    there are some led dog collars on ebay, we bought one for our standard poodle and it works well. they come in 7 different colors and are visible from over 500 meters. good quality collars too, thought they might be fairly cheezy but I was impressed with the quality. I'm not a fan of the plastic...
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    UltraFire zoomable 7W Cree LED flashlight...

    I plugged it in when I got it home the first time to let it fully charge. The charger has a light on it that is green when not plugged into the flashlight, when charging it turns red and you can see it gradually turning green as it reaches full charge. I think I will just order a few AW 18650's...
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    UltraFire zoomable 7W Cree LED flashlight...

    you bet, got it here.... I have charged the other 18650 that came with it and will give it a go to see if it is the fault of the first 18650 that I put in. Thank you for your response.
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    UltraFire zoomable 7W Cree LED flashlight...

    Bought this on ebay, it came with 2 UltraFire 18650 li-ion cells (operates on a single 18650), 12v and 110v charger that plugs directly into the flashlight body. It is a very bright light, comparable in output to my Skilhunt X-1 although not nearly as sexy. The runtime is poor on high, maybe 15...
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    Any Personal Encounters with Famous People?

    Ran into James Hetfield from Metallica in a hotel hallway in Edmonton. He was a super nice guy, even signed a Metallica t-shirt I happened to have in my suitcase back in the room. I was surprised at how tall he was.
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    Skilhunt Defier X1 (XM-L) Review: BEAMSHOTS, RUNTIMES, DETAILED PICS and more!

    Excellent review, thank you. I just received the Skilhunt Defier X1 from a Canadian dealer in Edmonton, purchased it after reading your review as it is my first "real" flashlight. Very nice packaging, also came with the paracord lanyard and a set of CR123 batteries. Shipped to my local post...
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    New Philips HIR2 scrutinized

    I put a set of Phillips 9011 and 9012 bulbs in my wife's '06 GMC Envoy. They are noticeably whiter and brighter than the OEM bulbs that were in it. $24 per bulb shipped from WA.
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    Do not panic

    all good up here, been an unusually warm winter so far....but I'm pretty sure it just means the cold will come with a vengeance. our snow we got has almost all melted away, not going to be a great sledding season unless we get a lot more.
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    DOES looking at cheap, low quality flashlights at supermarkets make you cringe?

    yeah, I have one or two AAA maglites that I threw into the camper drawer that have become one with the batteries. the department store cheapos usually get taped the the handlebars of the kids' bicycles so they can cruise around the campsite in the dark....they have their place. since perusing...
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    New Fish from Northern Alberta, Canada....

    Hello, my name is Troy and I am near the 60th parallel in northern AB. We are approaching our shortest day of the year on the 21st where we are down to 6.5 hrs of daylight. I have a trucking company and joined here to research new lighting methods for work lights, headlights, and driving/fog...
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    I'm new, but cannot make an introduction thread....

    In the "New Member Introductions" section. I just went and tried to copy/paste the message I was getting, and it worked this time. Not sure what changed, but I guess it's no longer an issue. Thank you.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I used my cheapo Eveready with the big square 9v battery to lay under my Kenworth and block the air lines off to the blown air suspension spring (bag). So here I am on CPF trying to find something better to lay under a truck that is dripping salt and slush and not have to prop up a flashlight to...