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    THE LOUNGE 2023

    Hey Vinh thought you might be interested in this. Now we've got 46950 and 46110 cells and tubes. And this thread Cells in the 46mm format are ranging...
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    Best place to buy Li-Ion cells now?

    I shop at Illumn and theses also.
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    Battery "cleaning"??!!

    For cleaning contacts both on batteries, contacts, and the shinny conductive parts of body tubes. I use a clean, new red shop rag. It's chemical free and just abrasive enough to clean off most oxides. Their also good for guns and tools. Damn cheap too, I can wash them or toss them. P.S. all...
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    Big batteries. 46800 and bigger

    These cells are set to be the new wave of EV and home power storage. Originally the smaller 18650's were computer batteries and we gleefully shoved them into flashlights and started the mad hobby most of us are in. Then the cells got bigger and more efficient so did our desire to push the...
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    Big batteries. 46800 and bigger

    I can't lie I like big batteries. The latest in the race 46110. Other lights; So we have...
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    4680 cell lights

    Click the "view more" picture of the light and it opens up with a lot more info and typo's for the Lumintop mach 46950.
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    4680 cell lights

    It's an old thread but look what some engineers went and did. This one has a custom 15,000 mah battery, 24,000...
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    The Lounge 2022

    Nothing for a month what's going on here?
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Long live the P60!!
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Thanks y'all
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    Surefire P60 titanium clone

    Could you please post a few links.
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    WTS - FDT (Flashlight Deals Today)

    Too good to pass up. Thanks Vinh
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    With SolarForce out of the game, what budget tube to consider for LED drop-ins?

    There are still a few out there. Not quite Solarforce but close. Want it in 21700...
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    Sorry your light is very old as far as LED lights go. It's related to the Solarforce lights in name only, before the P60 clones. I've never had one and would not know where to start. However if you're wanting to go the P60 route I could give you a list of who's making what. This will get you...
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    Looking for suitable P60 drop-in unit

    Here you go. It's got 4 modes with double and triple tap extra modes. I picked the 5000K LEDs, it draws 5.6 amps. It should be 2000 Lumens. For $7.00 US they'll also send their P60 version in 21700. Good host but the head and tail are not P60 compatible in the threads...