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    HDS The HDSRB Project

    A little something to share with. HDSRB - SST 20 in the fog tonight! May the postal handler be kind to everyone waiting.
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    Flashlight for Geocaching

    Hello from a fellow geocacher! I use a petzl headlamp (not hi CRI). Atak(sp?) core. I like that it's rechargeable and runs on AAA IF the battery pack died. Good light weight all around light, none light people don't scoff at the battery's. I also cary a handheld thrower, malkoff houndog super...
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    FS: Malkoff MDC 18650 to E-Series Body / Vinhnguyen54 modded lights *Price Drop 10/25*

    I will take the "Malkoff MDC 18650 to E-Series Body $60" PayPal standing by
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    Marketplace use way down

    I didn't want to pay for a membership.
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    Thor’s Hammer and Solarforce (ALL SOLD)

    Doh! Lol. Looks like I was a little slow on this one.
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    Thor’s Hammer and Solarforce (ALL SOLD)

    I will take the Thor's Hammer Holster. I have PayPal and vemo
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    HDS What about BOB? HDS lighting and batteries for "Oh CRAP!"

    My contribution. Here is my portable system. 10W Renogy USB solar panel. USB volt/amp meter. USB power bank. OLight universal charger. USB cables as needed. This system is small enogh to carry and gives you options to set up the panel and battery bank and store bulk energy. Then transfer to...
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    What was your prep for today?

    I started riding my moutian bike to work 2 2 miles one way. I am almost to 100 miles sense I started! Bought a lot of the speciality tools for working on bikes and have been learning about maintaining my own.
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    Ear buds-cords or wireless?

    I bought a pair of BOSE wireless while working from home. Being able to walk around during endless zoom meetings helps a bunch.
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    HDS HDS around the World (PICS)

    NB45 at Ohanapecosh campground at Mt. Rainer NP washington state Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    HDS Primary vs. Rechargeable. What's in your HDS?

    Yep, I do this as well. Guilt free light! Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    The definitive Malkoff Hound Dog Super thread

    Anyone know when the Hound dog super will be available again? Update. Ordered one. Sent from my SM-G998U using Tapatalk
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    Sold/Expired WTT: New M61 w/ SST-20 5700K for old-gen M61 cool white w/ XP-G2 6200K

    I have an older M61 very cool white. Not sure of the LED as I got it in trade. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    HDS HDS and Your Ride

    Snoqualmie train tunnel, my 2020 Roscoe 8 and HDS. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk