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    YouTube "Flashlight Reviewers"

    If you’re talking about CharlesBridgetec, I think what impresses me most is that he’s effectively made the same video for 3+ years.
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    Sold/Expired SOLD HDS Rotary SS40 w/ Sapphire and titanium bezel

    Re: FS: HDS Rotary SS40 w/ Sapphire and titanium bezel Nice light! Glwys
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    Triple v5.1 Engine - 4 Mode Pages, 8 Modes Per Page, Double Click, Faster Pins

    Yes, eventually when the program rolls out.
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    ETA Requests - Oveready / TorchLAB

    No, the 70 costs slightly more.
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    Mechtorch questions

    It’s just a reverse clicky, so no. You’d need an electronic switch for that, and even then most don’t support that type of functionality. The Mechtorch is using the H17f driver, there is a flowchart by ZeroAir floating around that’s really handy at explaining it! Just run a Google search, I’m...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC #22

    Thanks for the test. Pretty interesting to see the returns diminish so quickly on the CR123a. I remember the old HDS stuff was super efficient (not that this is at all bad). Then again, like Desert.snake said, there could be a bunch of other factors at play.
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    Sold/Expired All Sold: McGizmo, ReyLight, Prometheus, Deadwood Customs

    Re: Let's Do This: McGizmo, ReyLight, Prometheus, Deadwood Customs What did the Huckleberry go for?
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    McClicky Boot O-Ring Retainer?

    Thanks guys! Just for a standard 14mm switch boot, and for lights like BOSS/DC1.
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    McClicky Boot O-Ring Retainer?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find these or what size O-ring it is? It’s the O-ring that goes over the switch boot and keeps it in place. Thanks!
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    I emailed him and disclosed that I’m doing a consulting job for someone making a flashlight. He replied that it is a trade secret which is totally understandable. I did some quick research, though. For the curious modders, I believe it’s Stycast 2850FT.
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    That’s a good idea! I will shoot him one and see.
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    I’m looking for that one specifically! I have seen other potting jobs, and they’re just not as clean, haha.
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    Malkoff/Elzetta Potting epoxy?

    Does anyone know what expoxy Malkoff/Elzetta uses to pot their heads? It's the same as Pflexpro, I believe. Pflexpro used to have a link to what they used, but their site is down and I can't remember. Thanks in advance!
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    TAD vs GoRuck

    I have had is my review on the GR1: Someone asked me a similar question in the comments, and this was my response: Hey, I’ve owned a TAD Litespeed as well, and have looked at the Fastpack albeit briefly. Quality-wise they’re pretty comparable. It’s...