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    HDS EDC Tail Standing Fix (56k Beware)

    I have 3 HDS lights. The Twisty is great at tailstanding. My old Basic 60 is a great tailstander with the replacement HDS battery tube/switch. My newer pre-acme Clicky has been wobbly from the start. I have flipped the rubber switch cover and even added a bit of coffee filter around the edge...
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    HDS HDS Systems EDC # 16

    In the past, I have had good luck with Not sure if the current HDS uses the same size lens as the older ones though??
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    Why hasn't someone made it yet...?

    Exactly what I was going to say. I did buy a couple (had this disease even back then) but did not like them and they sat around unused. They are probably in a box somewhere.... Another flat flashlight that seemed much better...
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    Jetbeam RRT-01

    Until I played with mine using VERY dark adapted eyes, it seemed that the light was quite low but then would go off. With adjusted eyes, mine ramps smoothly dimmer and dimmer until the control ring just reaches the "off" detente. This is the first light I've seen with a low that is actually...
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    Preon 2 Review, and new review blog introduction

    Now I want a new Losi! The minute format is great
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    Preon 2 Review, and new review blog introduction

    Now I want a new Losi! The minute format is great
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    Review of SysMax/NiteCore Intellicharger i4 V2 Charger

    I ordered a second of these to leave in my luggage for traveling. I now use a mix of enelope AA and AAA along with lithium rechargeable batteries so, only 1 charger needed! It seems like an unbeatable product with V2 and the price
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    Jetbeam tcr 01 is out

    Same here. No problems with the exact same batts & lights. I love that the 18350 cells fit perfectly in such a small light.
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    How low do I need to go? (Lumens)

    +1, one of the reasons that I got a RRT 01 is that my HDS was brighter than I like when waking up and trying to avoid disturbing my wife. It really is an individual thing and for that, the control ring on the JetBeam sort of works to please everyone.
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    In your 123/18650 lights, do you prefer 123's, 18650's, or rechargeable RCR123's?

    After reading some of the horror stories about exploding lights as a result of multiple cells with differing capacity, I made a vow to only use single cell lights. For edc use, I go for single 123 cells and now the 18350 for my new JetBeam lights. I do have a couple 18650 cells for my 18650...
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    Jetbeam tcr 01 is out

    +1 about the included wrench. it seems undersize and spun in one of my screws before it was really tight. Monday will be a trip to the local fancy fastener store for some torx drive screws!
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    Jetbeam tcr 01 is out

    I have the aluminum version also and it seems like the ring has a very thin coat of grease (maybe not enough since it is gritty when turned). The Ti light feels packed and damped with grease and makes popping/cracking sounds at parts of the rotation. I think it is air bubbles popping in the...
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    Jetbeam tcr 01 is out

    Mine (0078) arrived one day early - thank you (not so) snail mail! Having been dreaming about a Ti light for a long time, this seemed like the perfect "first step" thank's to the LJ discount and the fact that a few days with my RRT 01 had me quite happy. Just like Bobby noted above, the...
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    Copper LED flashlight...

    The County Comm AAA in Cu says "discontinued". Since it was $38.50, it feels like a missed opportunity now :-(
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    Help Identifying Eiger Marking

    I think so - thank you for jogging my memory

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