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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Good morning guys, here is a reference chart for approximate emitter lumens with each LED and driver.
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Good afternoon guys, the Corvus will be offered with either the AA/14500 capable 15VP driver or a 14500 only FET driver with either Crescendo or guppy3drc firmware. Please indicate your preference so I can plan accordingly, thanks.
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Some proof renders with updated geometry.
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    The list for CPF is full for the time being.
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    WTS: Notta Designs Beam, bronze

    I have available a Notta Designs Beam in bronze. The host is new and ready to be equipped with either a 219B triple or a McR-20S reflector engine. Has a natural patina from handling. $600, $500 shipped USA
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    Who likes the Jelly format?

    Significant improvement, previous design was showing its age.
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    Warm white vs incandescents

    R9080 SW35 219B thanks to the extra bump of red that gives it the rosy tint so many love is by far the closest thing I've seen to an incandescent, it is still missing that "spark" but it is damn close. Almost anything else is too devoid of enough red to look any good next to an incandescent
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Thanks jon! If I'm not mistaken calipsoii designed the ramping side of the UI to act similarly to a Nitecore D10 which he was a big fan of, so there is some shared DNA there.
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    Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!

    Construction and labeling is off, going with fake or illegitimately repurposed first runs that had an issue with overcharging with a weak power supply or long cable. Source a legitimate charger from a reputable dealer.
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    The list is full for now, thanks guys! More information will come when I start to machine these.
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Thanks guy, for the moment I will limit the list here to 10 entries. My goal is between this list and my FB group to clear these builds by the end of the year. I don't think I have any D200 left, they are all D180 I believe. Added calipsoii has done a superb job on the driver, it is constant...
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    Sigma Customs: Corvus

    Added to the top of thread, please state the LED you would like. I will be using 219Bs in SW35, SW40, or SW45 color temps, and XP-L HIs in 5D tint 4000K color temp.

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