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    will somebody PLEASE review the G25C2 ???

    I tried commenting a G25C2 thread and even started my own thread simply asking for beamshots and it was just pushed out of site (page 2 and beyond) Usually these lights are reviewed asap but this is taking forever. I was looking for a review to compare the tints between the 2 models (T5 neutral...
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    The Official EagleTac G25C2 thread.

    Tried creating my own thread with no luck. So maybe I will try here, anyone have any beamshots of the 2 versions of the g25c2? (T5 and U2) or at least the T5 tint, I have seen the U2 already. And a detailed review would be nice to if anyone gets a chance. Trying to make a decision on which one...
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    Looking for Eagletac G25C2 Beamshots (T5 neutral white)

    Thanks dunna, didn't know they had a U3 version as well :eek: I know the T5 is less efficent than the U2 version, I am looking mainly for the tint comparisons of the models (trying to determine if the loss in lumens would be worth it for the tint.) Hopefully someone with one of these two (maybe...
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    Looking for Eagletac G25C2 Beamshots (T5 neutral white)

    1+ to that SouthernSorrows, seems to be taking quite some time for reviews to surface, "detailed" ones anyhow.
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    Looking for Eagletac G25C2 Beamshots (T5 neutral white)

    I did a search and even scrolled through the offical eagletac g25c2 thread without any luck. Anyone have g25c2 t5 neutral pics? (next to the u2 version?)
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    Eagletac G25C2 or Klarus XT11

    I would also like to see a side by side comparison of these two models (runtimes, brightness, beamshots) with graphs and such. As of now leaning towards the G25C2, but I haven't seen any "detailed" reviews, other than the basics on goinggear.
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    Solid State Batteries

    Yes exactly!!! Thanks for the link, 18 months from January 27th, so we are looking at around July 2012 (hopefully sooner) to see these batteries floating around.
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    Solid State Batteries

    Note: tried the search on this one with no results. Just wondering if anyone has heard or seen any news on these "Solid State Batteries" I seen them first actually on the news (kstp in MN) about 6 months ago, then nothing, just silence, haven't heard nothing, not even on the net, so anyone know...
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    Not gonna buy warm [join club here]

    Personally I have only had cool lights, thinking of trying on neutral when ArmyTek comes out with there new/updated lights. I don't think i could handle the lumens loss of warm tints though. -Does anyone know how to make a poll? Then we could really see what tint would win. (cool, cool &...
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    fenix vs klarus light

    why is it that klarus light (even with the same XP-G R5 led and batteries (cr123a)) is posting shorter runtimes at higher lumen levels and with the new pd31 by fenix, less lumens example: NT20 : 280 lumens, 1 hr 30 mins PD31 : 304 lumens, 2 hr 15 mins Does anyone know why this...
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    What you'd like to see in new Fenix flashlights

    Yes but it also uses eight aa batteries (about the same as 4 cr123's) and i assumed they meant the heatsinks for smaller flashlights (the TK40 is like the size of the surefire M6, lots of heatsink area).
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    What you'd like to see in new Fenix flashlights

    what I would like to see is the PD-20 upgraded to a quad die cree and change the outputs 9-100-180-and turbo 350 to 400 (I understand there would be short runtimes. PD-30 could be upgraded the same with 18650 battery capability new TK series flashlight (TK-12?) multi die cree with low at 100...
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    SF Shock Isolation in action on camera

    You should send your video in to the 'True Stories' section, on how the light still worked after the lens broke, it would be the first SureFire True Story w/video proof!!!
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    18650's question

    thanks everyone for your help, greatly appreciated
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    18650's question

    not to familar with the rechargeables, but if you were to charge one and leave it in your flashlight for X amount of time, how fast would it discharge? like say you don't use your flashlight for a year after you have charged the cell, would it still have power left or be completely drained?

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