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    Do You Always Have a Flashlight On Your Person?

    Colt 1911..Ka-Bar..Fenix TK25 Red always with me.
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    Lumens vs. candlepower

    Back in the day all spotlights and flashlights were rated by candlepower. Now everything is rated by lumens or lux. Apparently LED's changed all that. Anyone explain the difference and how do they compare?
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    Which One To Buy Fenix TK72R or Nitecore TM28

    I just purchased a acebeam K75. 6300 lumens. If you want alotta throw, this is one badaxx light. Advertised throw of 2500 meters. I to have a fenix TK75. The acebeam out distances it by a lot. The longest distance I have used it is almost 1/2 mile. It completely lights up my 2500 Hd pickup...
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    Sold/Expired Fenix TK75 Extension runtime kit

    Still looking for this item. They sell them in the UK but wont ship them here! Go figure? Thought solidtrax would at least pm back with a counter offer. O well.
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    how long will 18650 3100mah battery last on xml-t6 led?

    A simple math question: A light has 4 18650 cells in series or parallel at 3500 mAh each. Combined do they equal 14000mAh or 14A's? So would that equal 14amps for 1 hr or 1 amp for 14hrs also? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm new at this game. This old dog is just trying to learn...
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    Best thrower available

    Update on new Acebeam 20A high drain batteries. Didnt seem to do any better than the Sanyo 18650GA's. Thought they would do better because they are 20A high drain. In fact the KP 3600mAh batteries do just as well as the Sanyo's. They are rated at 8A. The light itself must only pull 10A on...
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    Best thrower available

    Thats what I thought to Lou, untill I bought it. I use it to see who is driving up driveway at zero dark thirty. Also to check out the 12 pt buck in the back 40. Not only see eyes but the whole deer. It will light up a coyote at 800M for a $65 pelt with 22-250. Oldest son is a deputy...
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    Best thrower available

    After doing alotta research I finally decided on the acebeam K75. This is one badaxx light!. It didnt work very well with the keeppower 18650 3600mAH batterys. I guess because they are only 8A draw. Worked better with the Sanyo 18650GA 10A. Instructions say to use at least a 10A hi-drain...
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    ACEBEAM ARC-18650H-310A batteries

    Anyone have any experience with these batteries, good or bad? They are hi-drain 20A , 3100mAH. Kinda pricey but should work real well in hi-drain apps. thanks Rob
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    Sold/Expired Fenix TK75 Extension runtime kit

    I know these are hard to find if not impossible. Will pay top dollar even for a good used one. Wonder why they discontinued them?Its a real good idea. thanks Rob
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    Fenix TK72R

    Ok Daffy thanks. Ill research that one. thanks for your replies. Rob
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    Best thrower available

    Looking for recommendations for the best thrower out there. I have a TK75 that throws a real good distance. Looking for something even better. thanks for all replies and comments. Rob
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    Fenix TK72R

    Sounds like a great light. I to am a thrower person. I have a Tk75 that really throws a beam with little spill. All eyes see different for sure. Im old so I need distance more than flood. My driveway is 1/2 mile long. Its nice to be able to see who/what is coming up the driveway at Zero...
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    Fenix TK72R

    Cool. Let me know how you like it. More interested in how far it throws the beam than flood. Thanks Rob

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