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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Nothing as impressive as what I've seen listed on this last page. About a year ago I bought a rechargable headlamp from The Sportman's Guide. It was advertised as 130 lumens for the white light. It's not anywhere close but that doesn't bother me. It's probably around 60 lumens, just eyeballing...
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    The Colony

    Finally got around to the first episode of the new season. It seems that they are going to go for more simulated confrontations. That's hard to do accurately. Everyone has to hold back for obvious reasons. They've upped the ante to pepper spray, pushing and shoving. I know it's a tv show, but...
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    The Colony

    You've changed names and gone cannibal? I seem to rember about four or five years ago you were working in an industry that could provide lots of Soylent Green type food! :naughty: BTW, do you still EDC and E-1?
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    Tofu - does it make sense?

    I tried it for the first time about a year ago. Not much flavor. It was in a dish with Chinese vegetables. I can imagine that it is absolute neutral bland by itself.
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    The Colony

    I watched all of season one and it was pretty cool. They had a computer engineer as a cast member. He even knew how to purify water pulled from, oh what,s the name of it? The aquaduct system in LA where all movie car chase scenes are filmed, even Terminator 2. Anyway he knew how to get the...
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    Just joined...

    I recently returned after a self imposed exile to curb spending. Used to be a standard greeting around here was "hang on to your wallet"! I know I dropped some serious coin, but in return have great lights and they have come in handy for many situations, including power outages. Keep reading...
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    P7, MC-E, SST-50/90 comparison

    LEDNinja, Appreciate the replies. So for a pocket light, I'm still not that outdated. It is great to see these LEDs be able to go into what used to be incan and HID territory. I'm guessing tint still plays a role in how they make things "pop" or contrast outdoors though?
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    P7, MC-E, SST-50/90 comparison

    Awesome and fantastic. I feel like HG Wells coming from the past into the future. In my day 200 lumens was produced by overdriving! 700+ lumens? 40% more possible from another LED? I am a fossil from the past, I still love my lights. I might have to consider a new one now. I know as little...
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    It' Good To See This Place Again

    MC-E, XP-G, these are Cree bins? I'm not up to speed anymore. I'll have to find some threads that explain this new Greek! :grin2:
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    It' Good To See This Place Again

    Nitroz! How you been? I don't even know what a Gladius KOT is! I'm glad it's a link, I'll have to take a look! ninemm, I haven't been back long enough to say yet. The "skin" seems different, but I think that changed right aound the time I put myself into flashlight rehab! I would expect...
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    It' Good To See This Place Again

    Hello All, I've been gone a long, long time. I didn't leave this place for any other reason than flashaholism. I simply could not stand up to the temptation. Like a certain transformed hobbit and ring, I wanted the precious. I've made only one new purchase in four or more years. I did come...
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    My father passed away...

    Condolences and prayers to you and the entire family, especially your mother.
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    Walmart rant

    I once felt that way about Wal-Mart, and did not set foot in one for about a decade after some bad service. That's changed though. My last two trips have been pleasant. On both trips employees were extremely helpful. I emailed WalMart abut it their website, but never received any replies from...
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    Color NVG's?

    Interesting. I remember reading about something on the web years ago. That link was on another computer, so I'm not sure if this is the same company.
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    Found my old Tekna light today!

    Actually I had two of them, given as gifts in the late eighties. One was black, the other yellow. EDCed them for years, finally mixing and matching the body and bezel of both to keep a working light. Batteries were expensive back then, could't even remember the type, though I thought it was...

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