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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    While otf knives are 'cool', it does get use. Opening packages, lunch duty, etc. I don't usually buy things to throw in a closet or safe. I buy them to use and enjoy! Thanks for the welcome.
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Thanks. I just got the Beta QR and I think it will be my work key-chain light, basically edc during the week. The utx has been my edc for a while, and I really like the size while at work especially. It'll cut a sandwich in half like no other!
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Microtech UTX-70 and Prometheus Beta QR v2.
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    XTAR X4 Fast-charging LCD Li-ion/ Ni-MH Battery Charger

    Did everybody's issues get resolved?
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    You only can have 2 flashlights which one do you choose ?

    Malkoff MDC and Armytek Viking. Both have been used everyday for the past several years, and will continue to be used everyday, hopefully for many more years.
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    Photos of your lights

    I keep Surefire's in the car/truck/boat.
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    Knife & Light pics. (Identify your images!)

    Malkoff MDC and mini-grip with carbon fiber scales. Daily carry/use.
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    AAA Lights; Post your favorites

    Just ordered a Beta last night. This will be my first aaa light.