I was part of a LDS church based scout troop so I have been on dozens of campouts since I was about 11 years old, Few have been the times that my flashlight has been outclassed since I lost my Maglight Solitare over 6 years ago.

I blame my uncle for my flash-holism, we were at a swimming pool and he was using a silver solitare as a diving toy and showed me how it was water resistant and the twisty function as well as later showing the beam at a dimly lit 'Islands' restaurant, I was amazed at the tiny size of the flashlight. When it came time to leave he whipped out a still-packaged blue Solitaire and gave it to me as a gift and it was my main flashlight for the next few years until the body became unscrewed from the tailcap while it was hanging from my belt at a campout.

After that I used various cheap LED lights, headlamps, and a nifty coleman MAX 175 lumen red-green-white 3xaaa, That light was the brightest retail light around for a few years, the only thing keeping it together was pride because the day it was surpassed by a savvy scout leader was the day it stopped working. I went do after that until I bought a browning 200 lumen plastic body 2xaa LED, then a coast PX45 (which broke after a month), I finally sealed my flashholism by browsing cpf and learning of the thrunite t10 which has been my edc since the summer of 2015.

But that was not quite the end, After learning of high CRI lights I bought myself a Zebralight H502c with a cri of 80.
I have not looked back to standard cool white lights since and I eventually got myself a HDS rotary 18650 high CRI 4000k. The infinite variability, neutral white light, and high CRI along with massive runtimes mean that I never find myself in the dark.
Someday I want to try out freediving and if I ever get the chance I will look to a McGizmo Aqua Mule 119v, That is going to wait a few years though because I am getting ready to leave for a 2 year mission to teach the gospel of Christ starting september 2016.

Lasers, magnets, bladesmithing, pyrotechnics, reading, and of course an obsession of flashlights.
Jul 3, 1997 (Age: 26)
Caldwell Idaho
Favorite incandescent light
Maglite solitaire ;P
Favorite non-incandescent light
Sunlight ;P
Favorite Dealer
All of them (that sell me pretty lights)
Favorite Manufacturer
All of them (that work)


The darkness is not my enemy, it is just where they hide: my fears, the unknown, and those that would do harm fear the light. I must always carry it with me to dispel the darkness and reveal the truth...