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    help me ressurect my favorite light

    I then tried the same trick on my dead Thrunite S300C2 (second favorite light). It helped but I was only able to get 2 of the 3 settings going again.
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    help me ressurect my favorite light

    Ok... 4 minutes after my last response and ill just say......SCEman you are the man (woman or person)!!! I did not even know the pocket clip had its own (strange) adjustment ring that is part of the body assembly. Loosend, tightened it and Bam. Woop, woop. back in business That's why I love...
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    help me ressurect my favorite light

    Thanks all. I'll get on those. Don't really understand the physics behind the pocket clip thing but will investigate and get back to you.
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    help me ressurect my favorite light

    Hi all, One of my favorite lights of all time is a programable Foursevens Quark AA from about12 years ago. I lost track of it for several years then found it in a drawer. Now won't turn on (sort of). I put in fresh batteries, cleaned the threads w a Qtip. Sometimes when manipulating the tail...
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    *** Best current "medical" pen light for my Bro-inlaw? ***

    I've been an MD for a long time (and a light geek for a shorter time) and I have never worked with anything better than a Lumapower LM21. Single AAA, inexpensive, very light, excellent grip (no one seems to be mentioning), - comes on with one click to 10 lumens for eyes. two more clicks and it...
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    Quality Easily Accessible Switch Flashlight

    I'd suggest the Olight S30 (~$50) or if you want to combine your needs the S30r ($76) with built in charger + battery. small for an 18650 so, could be EDC . I love the UI. Has side switch near head, good pocket clip. My only problem is switch can be a bit hard to locate. I had a (much more...
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    I like my new Olight S30, But......

    Yes, I had a ZL before this and found that moonlight press very difficult to time. Other suggestions appreciated. My grumblings are more about the poor engineering than my ablilty to ameliorate the problems. Sometimes I even enjoy the challenge. Still waiting for someone other than Surefire...
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    I like my new Olight S30, But......

    How can they get most things so right and "drop the ball on the 5 yard line". Don't get me wrong, I pre-research a ton before I buy and know just what I'll be getting and I really like this light. I have only three complaints about this very fine light: (and these faults are shared by many...
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    Compact Thrower

    i spent many months looking for the ideal pocket thrower and my answer was the Eagletac S200c2. Yes, it's got a big head and it pushes the limits of "pocket-able". If you want more pocket-able - get the T200c2 (you'll loose some throw). Each come in for well under $100 . The UI is not fancy...
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    1 AAA or AA, starts in lowest mode, forward clicky tail switch, <1 Lumen mode

    Re: 1 AAA or AA, starts in lowest mode, forward clicky tail switch, &lt;1 Lumen mode Just wanted to throw out there the Lumapower LM21. Takes AAA, rear clicky that (i think) is a forward clicky....(you can get instant on by half-pressing). 3 levels - low is 10 lumens. doesn't hit all your boxes...
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    Light for boat

    I think you would like this light. I just responded to another query about boat lights on this site- you can check that out too. I tried several lights trying to find the best balance between thin-beam thrower (for finding markers and not reflecting back) and enough spill to find obstacles...
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    Marine Flashlight

    just saw this. I boat a lot. I just responded to another boat light post somewhere near yours. You can see my thoughts there. I looked at the Predator and liked it a lot but it had some problems for my purposes. - It does have a really narrow, far reaching beam. That is great for channel...
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    Light for boat

    Hi, I've posted quite a bit on boat-friendly lights. you can search the site for "boat light" and probably get quite a few old posts (many by me). I saw your wish-list and will slightly dis-regard it, if you don't mind. There are more USB rechargeable lights than ever (Olight, Nitcore...
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    Pizza Delivery

    Ha! Poppy. been waiting all day to get a chance to throw in my suggestion for the Indestructable. I keep one in my car. Thin beam, very bright - $15 . I don't use it often so I load it with primary lithium AAs. Has low setting. Perfect light for this purpose.
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    Recommendation please

    welcome! I"ll get you started with my usual recs for a single 18650 lights. I have two that I love. One more for indoors and one more for outdoors. the indoor one is the Zebralight SC600 -versatile, bright, great UI, very small for category The outdoor one is the Eagletac S200c -more throwy...