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    Malkoff AAA Flashlight? Now with poll.

    Re: Malkoff AAA Flashlight? And for God's sake, please no internal foam rings that go bad so quickly in so many other little AAA lights!
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I could be wrong, but it is a nagging recollection, and I looked back in my post history and I said the same thing way back then. I don't think that I made it up.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    There once was an M60F from Elzetta. They don't seem to offer it now, but you may find a good used one.
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I don't run them that low, but according to Oveready, the IMR cells can handle a relatively deep discharge more safely, and will bounce back well if you get them on the charger without a long delay. I run IMR in almost everything now. I feel much safer with that chemistry, and no protection...
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I don't run them down that low, but it used to be on the old HD page on Gene's website. Probably anyone running protected cell that shut off at 2.8v each would never see it. Maybe he changed it at some point. Maybe I should put some IMRs in and let it run down and see. Also, the shut off...
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    Flood/Throw - what do we really NEED? (a new epiphany from a not so new flashaholic)

    Been using primarily Wildcats(V1,V2,V3,V4) and Torchlab triples for years . I have Hound Dog V1 XPG and V3 XML2, and Elzetta M60 3-cell for narrow beams. Wildcats get most use because flood gives more context of the viewing area. In my vicinity, 150 yds of throw is all I really need.
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I am pretty sure that the HD blinks at 5.5v
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    Elzetta- The industry's best kept secret.

    Will 2 x 17500 fit into a 3-cell Elzetta?
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I do this with my WC and HD all the time
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    Same thing with MD3 2 x 18500(1500mah) vs MD4 2 x 18650(3400mah). The 2 x 18650 give at least twice the runtime there too, even at the same 8.4v. However, I find that the MD3 is a more convenient form factor, so I just carry an extra set of 18500 in my pocket. I have my HD XML2 on an MD4, but...
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    Best p60 2aa host?

    Okay, I haven't tried this, but I have read about it here. The Malkoff MDC 2AA body supposedly fits the VME head, which can take a P60 such as the Malkoff M31. I would say that sounds like the best to me.
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    Your Oldest LED Flashlight?

    My oldest is a Photon Freedom Micro that I got when they first came out. Still going. My oldest handheld light is a Malkoff Wildcat V1 or a Hound Dog V1. I can't remember which came out first.
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    Malkoff "Hound Dog"

    I just put my Hound Dog V1 with MD2 tube on my AR15 as a weaponlight. It's very good in that role
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    Malkoff Devices--User Programmable Flashlight

    I think that H17 driver sounds interesting. I am all for improvement, as long as it's actually improved, and not just gimmicks like 99% of Chinese lights are.
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    Malkoff Devices--User Programmable Flashlight

    If the two hands thing is too difficult, Elzetta has the Hi/Lo in the tailcap. Works the same, but one handed from a tactical grip. Regarding knowing what beam I want ahead of time, I always know what beam I want just before I turn on the light, and so I set it then. I have 2 very expensive...