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    Where's DM51...

    Last I heard from him, he was doing fine. He'll be back. ;)
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    Sold/Expired WTB : Arc Mania Mega Micro--FOUND!

    Re: WTB : Arc Mania Mega Micro Closed
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    Need direction for 2 lights, pocket LED, and monster LED

    Several posts were split from here into their own thread. Those interested may continue there. Back on topic.
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    lost my thread?

    Your latest post has been approved with the link removed. See red banner at top of page in that forum for further information.
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    ZebraLight SC600

    With 2600 replies, it's time to close this thread. Any member with additional information to add may start a new thread.
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    Show your Solarforce

    Time to close this long 1,5xx post thread. Anyone with something useful to add may create a new thread.
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    Olight M20X: What are your thoughts CPFer's??

    Take it off the forums guys. spc smith, some of your consecutive posts have been merged. If you need more info, PM me.
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    New Sub-Forum: "Recommend Me a Light For ......"

    If any of the anal retentive grammar people :poke: have suggestions that will get the point across AND get the attention of the members that require assistance in that area, we MAY consider renaming that forum. ;)
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    Suggestion for Automotive Forum - reinforce Rule 11 with a sticky

    Thank you fro volunteering to create the FAQ. Post here or send me a pm when it is ready. :thumbsup:
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    What's with the Servers?

    Look in your profile under paid subscriptions. There are several options available.
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    HDS Systems EDC # 15

    This thread is long enough to be closed and a new one created by an interested member if desired. Reminder: Dealer discussion is not permitted.
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    4Sevens Preon ReVO 1xAAA (XP-E R2) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, and more!

    One of my SS versions went through the heavy wash cycle with a double rinse and spin with no operational or noticeable moisture problems. It has also survived downpours and being dropped in mud puddles. A rinse under the tap was all it took to clean it off. Edit: Samy, the Karus is an obvious...
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    Thrunite Ti - Impressions and Discussion

    Re: Thrunite Ti After several day's usage, the light is still performing well in both modes. The longest that I have had the light on high at one time is about 30-40 minutes and the sample I have runs very cool on high compared to other AAA lights that I have. Perhaps do to the slightly larger...
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    Thrunite Ti - Impressions and Discussion

    I recently received a Thrunite Ti and wanted to post my impressions of this light. Please forgive the quality of the images as photography is something I seldom do. Additional comments will be added as the light is used over time. First the manufactures specs: • Cree XP-E R4 LED • 0.9-1.5V...