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    Bay Area get together for television program

    Tigerhawk, thanks for doing this! PMed.. I'm in Singapore so if there's any additional freight costs or anything, pls let me know.. I wouldn't like you to bear that.
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    My Glowrings!

    Beautiful! Like i said... :laughing: Well done bro!
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    this kid can play guitar

    Woo.. he's good! I never have the patience to memorise an entire song like that, not that my technique was half as good.. :grin2: I think good value entry level guitars are Yamahas. Somehow, i always preferred playing my friend's cheap yamaha strat rather than the Ibanez s series i had...
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    how good are fisher space pens?

    Despite all the hype around Fisher space pens, i do not like it. The ink isn't smooth to write with. What i do find great is it's form. Looks good but writes average. Blotching on both pens, i had. Unfortunately, it really slips out of pants pockets easily... Lost my chrome one on the 1st day...
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    Think you're fast?

    Wooo... addiction! Tried playing this in the wee hours last night and was really disappointed with my reflexes! didn't thought i'd be so slow.... armadillo... :laughing: But now tried again... much more alert this time!!! Rockin rabbit! not all the time but at least more satisfying to know...
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    Anyone EDC a Arc AAA Exclusivley?

    I do! Initially when my photon freedom came (Thanks to a trade with... hmm. i can't recall :ohgeez: ) , i was torn between carrying the freedom or the Arc AAA. But i finally figured that the runtime for Arc was outweighed the Freedom's ease of use. And it's gets along very well with my keys...
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    Just bought my first house!!! 56K warning!!! Big Pics!!!

    Very nice ! Congrats.. and I thinkt your hallway's picture was pretty well shot! :grin2:
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    What flashlight for ....see in thread.... ?

    I think your English's ok!! Totally understood you. :grin2: And i think you need an L4 ! Slightly out of 10cm.. But not that bulky anyway.
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    *updated* Jeff (LifeNRA) had a heart attack, prayers needed

    Re: Jeff (LifeNRA) had a heart attack, prayers needed Prayers for you Jeff and family.. although i'm a freethinker, i believe in the existence of a divine spirit and it will watch over you.
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    Anybody else make their own "Night Glowring?"

    That is beautiful.. I very much prefer the frosted finish. Great job! :laughing: Some thoughts: 1. Beacon 2. (C)PF's Beacon 3. Key Lantern 4. KeyGlo 5. The Module 6. ModuleGlo 7. ModuLight 8. H-Three Module 9. H3 Capsule 10. Pocket Beacon 11. Pocket Lighthouse 12. Molecule 13. Eclipse 14...
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    Flashaholism saves Marc from ticket

    Excellent! Touching story.. Somehow you two struck a chord on flashlights.. Reminds me how easily the ice is broken btw strangers during the world cup, esp. with the common topic. am i still in tune? think so. :laughing: Thanks for sharing!
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    Glow in the Dark Macrame-REVISITED

    Re: Glow in the Dark Macrame :goodjob: very nice! She deserves a pat on her back!
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    World Cup Soccer

    Yes sure, but why not the other way round?! Brazilian finding a way to counter the French instead.
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    World Cup Soccer

    Oh my god! Brazil is out!! But to be fair, France played much better. Barthez wasn't even slightly troubled throughout the match.. But from history, seems like the French do know how to counter the samba boys tactics.. :candle:
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    Excellent!! This is great news! :twothumbs Very happy for you... :clap:Keep a positive mental attitude, go out there and start getting involved in more activities asap! That should speed up recovery even further!

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