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  • Heya Vaughn,

    Just curious if you've found a bright defensive EDC light yet? I have been buying EDC lights for about a month now, bought three so far. My Quark Tactical 123*2 XP-G R5 is the best so far. It's a very nice EDC light. I would recommend it.

    Also bought a EagleTac P20C2 MkII XP-G R5 123*2, Another good EDC light, slightly brighter than the Quark, but bigger in size.

    Apparently, Quark is coming out with a new light soon, called "Maelstrom', so that should be interesting.

    I am always looking for something even brighter in a defensive EDC light, so if you find anything, please let me know. I will do likewise.

    Thanks, Dave
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