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  • I'm interested in modding my EagleTac D25C with an XM-L2, 5000K Neutral White. It's the regular D25C, not titanium. In this hobby I think it's worthwhile. Please notify me when this is available. Thanks.
    Hi i see that you have xm-l2 in your sales thread. pls quote, i want a XM-L2 Cool White 6500K, 6A, LowLow, Medium, High, Smooth reflector
    I'm looking to pick up a XP-G2 drop-in with an OP reflector running a low and high mode in that order with no memory. Do you have any drivers with modes like that?
    Just bought two solar force L2p host and I'm needing a red led p60 drop in for coyote hunting. What would you recommend? I need max lumens to make their eyes shine in the dark from 100 to 200yds away. Please get with me. I'm needing to buy very soon. Thank you.
    Thank you so much for doing firstly my Haiku then my HDS with Led upgrades,your excellent to deal with & just an allround decent person.Once again Thanks.Dave
    I like you you just seem like a nice guy, funny thing is I was doing a search and ran across your first post and now your help one, for answering question's restores some faith in people
    Hi Vihn,

    I was talking to Fr. John and he told me you would be willing to mod my Ray X60 for me.

    I would like the same mod that you did for Fr. John, I'm looking for a real good thrower.

    Can you tell me what the cost would be ??

    I probably won't have the light for at least another week, I ordered it last week.

    Can you send me your mailing info so I can have it when my light arrives.

    Thanks so much.

    Mike Gebbia
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