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    CBA II - What do you think about it?

    Congrats on your purchase of CBA II, it offers the best of it's capabilities at a very economical price. Very simple to use interface and very straight forward. You can do discharge analysis upwards of 10 A on some batteries. Temperature Probe is a very good add-on. I just wished they could...
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    Arc6: Which batteries are you using?

    AW batteries are no doubt good, but for me, level7 didn't work that well.
  3. V Arc6 (Production version) Review

    +1 :) In my case, (just to test reliability) I clicked the piston so many times that the spring now appears to have softened ... or is it just my thumb that got stronger :thinking:
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    Arc6 blue tint

    You are right about I2C interface, I did assume that you were looking for a direct USB interface.
  5. V Arc6 (Production version) Review

    Arc6 Runtimes :)
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    CBA II - What do you think about it?

    The Old AWRCR123 (Blue Label) cells tested at around 620+ mAH. These are slightly higher in diameter and height. Some lights wont accept these cells. Here is the CBA II Test that I did a few weeks ago. West Mountain Radio - CBA AW RCR 123 Old 01 (09/22/08) 1Li-ion @ 0.7A StartV: 4.0 EndV: 2.8...
  7. V Arc6 (Production version) Review

    The piston is indeed hard initially, but over a period of time, things go smooth. also use some thing like very low viscosity oil or some thing like that to lube the piston. I use Nyogel 760 + machine oil combo. it makes the piston silk smooth.
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    CBA II - What do you think about it?

    Very true for RCR123. The best I have seen are AW RCR123 (Black Label) cells at 550 mAH @ 0.5 C BAR File Results File
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    Arc6 blue tint

    The uP used in Arc6 is kind of different. it wont support direct USB interface. by the way do you know it can easily process 20 Million Instructions per Second @ 20 MHz :)
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    CBA II - What do you think about it?

    Have you seen Vencon UBA5? two channels... can perform both charge and discharge analysis, the Visual Analysis Designer is one of it's strong points. Only thing is that the current rating is limited to 2 Amp per channel (not a disadvantage, you can use a channel combiner to use single channel at...
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    Arc6 Questions

    Level1.. I gave up ....rather the logging software gave up after 12 hrs on first test with 1 second sampling (approx 43200+ reading) ... I need more patience to do the test again with lower sampling rate :) I am assuming the light will run for some time more than 12 hours
  12. V Arc6 (Production version) Review

    There was an issue with server clocks. Sasha explains on this thread :) I used Powerizer Battery that is available on
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    Best Balanced 1x18650 light under $90; TK10, CL1H, WE Sniper, Others??

    And you can also add a diffuser to spread the light beam.
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    Best Balanced 1x18650 light under $90; TK10, CL1H, WE Sniper, Others??

    +1 for JetBeam Jet III IBS (either M or Pro will do) Very good sidespill.
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    Peak LED Solutions - Navigation

    Hello Everyone :) In case if you face difficulty in navigating / choosing Peak LED Solutions flashlight, here is a easy to use navigation.