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  • Hi Scott,

    I can not remember the diameter, my guess is 30mm.

    You do understand the idea of a heatsink? You have to transfer the heat to the wall / outer shell of the flashlight.
    I think the depth would be about 7 or 8mm when you use a Led on a star.
    It is best to use a disk of copper or alu bar, round 30mm (7mm high) and use paste or glue to fit it in.
    Because of the shape of the H22A heatsink you loose mass. If you want a Led without star it is usable, but you need a lot of work to trim it down from 34 to 30mm.

    Do you use a Led with or without a star? You mention thermal paste, but paste alone is not enough, when you use paste you need screws and a clamp to press it on the heatsink. (Like I did in my Huygens light). You can use glue, then you don't need the screws.

    The easiest is to buy the torch, and when you have disassembled it, you can figure it out.
    It is way easier when you have the flashlight in your hand.
    Experiment with distance led-to-lens.

    Regards Walter
    Hi Walter,

    Do you think the heatsinks sold by H2AA would work with the DX mega shower head flashlight body? The seem to both be about 34mm. Also, I'm using a XRE star, which I don't think the heatsinks are designed for but may work anyway if I get the smooth top and stick it on with some thermal paste...

    Thanks again

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