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    Longest runtime for budget single AA or AAA led light on low setting to be used in tornado shelter

    if looking at battery powered tree lights, check to see if they are steady or flashing.
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    What did you use your flashlight for today?

    I placed a 1D light ($3 type) on top of a ceiling tile so we could find the spot later, while climbing around in the building interstitial (dark) space. those lights can run for 3 days, so was not concerned about runtime.
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    6V "Lantern" Battery Lights - History? Anything good?

    I added a few of these lights (LED) after buying some rechargeable 6V batteries on clearance. has anyone done runtime tests, either with original LED or with a dorcy 40 lumen drop-in?
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    bought some tektite LED bulbs for converting old flashlights to LED. previously had used Dorcy brand. so far, no problems with either.
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    9V lights

    if you buy a version with a button on the side, be aware it might get bumped on while in a pocket.
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    Lanyard stuff

    you found them where?
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    I’ve got 500+ cr123 batteries. What are some good flashlights that use them?

    have a little fun with them. offer to trade twenty batteries for "something". see what you get offered. repeat.
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    What is a truly robust survival flashlight

    if you don't feel like modding, you could try a tektite trek 2
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    DirectTV satellite being moved to higher orbit bc damaged batteries about to explode

    why don't they move it lower, let it burn up in the atmosphere?
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    Favorite budget light 2019

    have not seen them in the store recently. am glad I bought more than one. I think I will run one all night long tonight. I have some AAs from the recycle box at work. :)
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    article about alcoholic beverages and how long they last after opening
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    Favorite budget light 2019

    Thanks for the tip. I tried one out with a partly depleted AA. It ran all night long and had more runtime left. iirc, dollar tree has AA alkalines at 3 for $1. So, for less than $5 you could get three lights and three batteries. (cheap power outage kit)
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    Brinkmann 1-aaa flashlights

    like this thread.
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    Power Outage, How many Lumens, How many batteries? (for lights and more)

    there are several youtube videos about removing snow from roofs
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    Anyone into spinning tops?

    not quite a "top". but I saw wool spinning being done last weekend, and one of the techniques used something that reminded me of a top.