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    Sold/Expired All Sold/Withdrawn: Olight i5T Ti, Acebeam TK16CU, MecArmy PS14, Several Foursevens

    Re: FS: Olight i5T Ti, Acebeam TK16CU, MecArmy PS14, Several Foursevens I haven't bought any lights for some time now these ti are really really hard to pass up amazing price glwys
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    Sold/Expired ALL SOLD - THANKS! update New addition - Housecleaning Sale

    Re: Housecleaning Sale What is WYSIWYG?I
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    whats your profession and whats your light for it?

    Big mystery for my proffesion,Im a certified welding inspector i work in alot of powerplants around the country For work I love the dependability of my olight Around my neck a lanyard with a olight S1 In my pocket a olight S2 and a battery case with 3 spare 16340's And on my hard hat a h2r...
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    My world has just been shaken searched "reylight" Theres an anodized ti lan with 16 trits for sale thru walmart! What is happening? First the corona virus now this man my week is shot
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    Sold/Expired WTB Fw3a copper, olight x7, convoy copper

    Anyone have a gently used lumintop Fw3a for me? Altered thread to throw out a few lights id be interested in Olight x7 maybe x7r? Unsure about getting into proprietary cells Convoy s2 copper sealed or not modded or not
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    Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??

    Blue gen 1 foursevens preon....SCORE!
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    Sold/Expired WTS: Mac Damascus Tri-EDC

    Re: FS: Mac Damascus Tri-EDC and Mac 2 Cell Tri-EDC .....
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    When is enough, enough?

    I love my lights but i feel lile social media and the edc trend has opened the doors to many many more people that are just out for buying the next expensive toy to show off on social media. It pains me to see more and more people talking about purchasing thier lights thru FB and i worries me...
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    Comments from non-flashoholics that really annoy you.

    Non flashaholic when u are lighting up the situation :hold out hand let me see that light Me: ill hold it its fine At work carrying a olight s1 and s2 and a h2 nova headlamp people always where did u get that? Tired of explaining that i prefer lights not sold in stores Also i totally agree...
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    Sold/Expired SOLD: Flashlights copper titanium rare

    Re: WTS: Flashlights copper titanium rare Wow the reserve it must take to keep all of those minis sealed in the box! It took me awhile to put together the entire set of minis, im still blown away at the increase in value. Glwys
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    Sold/Expired WTB olight S1R user

    The S1R II is a better light Better clip better performance even a better optic thats easier to clean with it being flat Im putting out this feeler for the S1R for price point i can get a S1R II for $60 on the E-commerce platform we all know just want a gift for a friend that doesnt know...