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    UniqueFire HS-802 Asspherical Mod

    Just got my Asspheical lens for my UniqueFire HS-802. But the led is too far away from the lens to focus to a tight beam. Has anyone tried to do a mod like this? and is there a solution to bring the led closer to the correct focal length? The only thing I can think of is to get someone to thread...
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    Sold/Expired UniqueFire HS-802 Asspherical Mod

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    Choice Of Led Bead

    Thanks for the reply's. I will have a look into member Nailbender's drop-in's. Thank You Welsh-Rhino
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    Choice Of Led Bead

    Can anyone tell me what is the strongest green/red led that will produce the best/tightest beam for lamping ,that will fit into my ultrafire 501b flashlight please. I would like to upgrade the range potential of my flashlight, I already have the Ahorton lens and lens spacer upgrade Thank You...
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    Best Budget IR Flashlight

    Hi all, Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best budget IR 850nm flashlight that will throw light at least 100m? Or the best Drop-In IR Module to buy as I own a ahorton upgraded 501b flashlight with a Salarforce LC IR Drop-In Thank You Welsh-Rhino
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    P60 Style Flashlight

    Thanks guys for the help
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    P60 Style Flashlight

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Ultrafire wf501b with a Solaforce 850nm IR Drop-In. Can anyone post a list of P60 Style Host's please. Thank You. Welsh-Rhino
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    Streamlight Super Tac IR

    Ive been using the Streamlight Super Tac IR for about six months now with great results. Is there a more effective IR flashlight out there? for a cheaper price but throws as much light as far as the super Tac IR?
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    Hello From North Wales UK.

    Hello from North Wales UK. Just became a member and wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I'm 25 and have loved all flashlight for years, my interest include Hunting & Fishing. Member of forum. Member of forum.
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    Sold/Expired Ahorton's sales (Lenses, headlamps ...)

    Hi Ahorton are you still selling the kits; P60 Aspheric lense & Spacer through this forum as I would like to buy one. I am new to member to this forum and am not familiar with how it all works. I hope I have not missed out on the spacer kits .