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    1w green vs 7w blue?

    Exactly right.
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    Need advice on Daylight Outdoor Laser Pointer

    Try Sanwu lasers. Excellent quality and customer service.
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    How should I choose a burning laser?

    Thank you Ragebot! I was reading this thread and thinking the same thing. Welding eyewear is NOT a substitute for real laser protective safety glasses such as the Eagle Pair. Every time we have a solar eclipse you read a few horror stories of some poor sap permanently screwing up their vision...
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    1w green vs 7w blue?

    I think the OP is talking about this one: It's not actually made by Thor Labs
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    Sick Of Cheapy eBay AAA Lasers That Don't Work

    That 800mW unit is not DPSS so IR.
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    My NUBM44-81 450nm 8 Watt Laser with Home Made Beam Expander "Thor's Hammer" !

    Re: Testing My NUBM44-81 V2 450nm "Thor's Hammer" with a Hyperion Argentum 20 Watt LP The peak power reading is pretty meaningless with thermopile meters. What is the average power reading?
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    1w green vs 7w blue?

    Get the 1 watt green. Unless you can get the 7W blue with corrective optics the divergence of that diode is terrible.
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    Intermittent fan for intermittent LED, or steady? Thermal question for 100W system

    I build high power LED lighting systems for ....indoor gardeners, and my advice would be to run the fans 24/7. Keep the LEDs as cool as possible.
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    Name your grail have/want

    Not sure what my grail light would be. My favorite light is still my Elektrolumens Tri-Star Phazer. I have brighter lights but that one still....just feels good in the hand.

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