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    any olight fans?

    I have a couple older ones I really like: (both are 3x18650) - SR52UT - XP-L HI V3 - SR MINI II 2015 - 3x XM-L2 But I'll NEVER buy one that requires a custom battery
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    Help me pick a FL for a gift to an art expert

    Wurkkos WK30 with White, 365nm UV and Red LEDS. Around $40
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    what was your first led light

    TEKNA - Still have it.
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    Was lost and now is found

    Six or so years ago I started a new job that was 75 miles away from my home. Given bad weather and all else that could go wrong, I got a large backpack and filled it with stuff I might need to get home, or just to survive if the car broke down. I left that place 2 years ago but kept the bag in...
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    budget is a funny word

    I like Flatline's definition.
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    Charger for longer length batteries.

    I was hoping that some members here would list more chargers that they are using with the longer batteries! When shopping for a charger it's not easy to tell the max battery length as many companies don't list that spec. Several companies that claim that they work with protected 21700s have a...
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    Charger for longer length batteries.

    I recently bought a Wurkkos WK30 flashlight that takes a 26650 battery. While can charge the battery while in the light, I wanted to be able to also charge the batteries (I have 4 of them) outside the light so that I don't tie up the flashlight, using it as a charger. The batteries I have...
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    Saw a light called the UVBeast that lists being in the 365nm. No nothing about them other than seeing them on my internet travels.
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    In case you've wondered why some Olights come with empty battery cases

    >> DO NOT separate the battery from the flashlight. So you should not have multiple batteries? When it goes dead put it on a charger vs popping in a second fully charged battery? If so, that sort of eliminates using that light for many purposes like camping, hiking, caves and anywhere else...
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    Now that’s a flashlight!

    Ho Ho Ho Green Giant! Sent from my LG-M430 using Tapatalk
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    Wurkkos WK30 The specs may still say ~390 but they recently changed to 365. It can "see" things that my other UV lights cannot.
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    Energizer Hardcase 300 Lumen 2AA

    Have one in the kitchen drawer. But its not the 300L version. Also have a rayOvac indestructible in that drawer. It's a thrower so with those two I have flood and throw covered. They are the - run out to the shed - look under the couch - let the dog out lights. Sent from my LG-M430 using Tapatalk
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    What lights do you consider the most epic or influential on your hobby

    Started out with AA lights, and my 2xAA ITP C8 with 6-190 lumens "infinite" output adjustment was just awesome. My first 18650 was my PD32UE with the NW emitter and the huge hot-spot with a flawless beam that has a perfect creamy white tint. Sadly I got rid of the ITP C8 {place a "I'm an...
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    strangest thing you seen while playing with your lights?

    Northern Wisconsin Big Black bear
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    What do you think flashlights will look like in the future?

    Ocular thermal and night vision implants.