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    Mirage Man E-Series Custom Titanium Host MCR-27 / 16340 XP-L HI

    Wow, this is still here, Im surprised someone hasnt grabbed this.
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    lion cub for sale *SOLD*

    Damn missed this one, nice catch.
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    SOLD -A Couple of Titanium Gems

    Mirageman does very nice work, that a good catch.
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    Sold/Expired 5000K LH351D Aleph or McGizmo light engine

    Could be a state thing, as I have just received three packages (old Keithley and Fluke meters) from the US, one by USPS express, and a couple from Europe. Hopefully when the current global craziness subsides I can get one in future.
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    Sold/Expired 5000K LH351D Aleph or McGizmo light engine

    Sad for me, I really wanted that LE (still do). Double sad as I havent had any problems since new year with US deliveries.
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    Mirage Man Customs

    wow, that looks very cool.
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    How old is you EDC flashlight?

    Both my main EDC's are about 10years old. A McGizmo Haiku and a Saltytri brass custom. Still work a treat!
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    Show your nightstand flashlight!

    I currently have a Surefire M3 head with a Milkyspit Project-M triple XR-E R2 on a M4 body and SW01 tail beside my bed. PS: still works a treat after a decade in my hands.
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    How many flashlights do you EDC?

    Usually have 4, most of the times will be; Mcgizmo Haiku (belt), Saltytri custom brass light(jacket pocket/backpack), Jetbeam RRT-01(backpack) and a Peak Eiger 10280 in the change/watch pocket.
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    Mirage Man Customs

    For something different (non-titanium), here is a MirageMan customised Maglite host powered by 4x14650 LiIon cells (rechargeable from rear port) into which I put a de-domed SST50 with a DerWichtel 5A driver and heatsink. A very nicer thrower which I finished building back in 2012 and used the...
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    A few of my Surefires as I do a bit of cleaning and re-org.
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    Cleaning is sometimes good

    True there are a few there I would not want to lose. Found a couple more as my re-org continues. I really need to print out my list and check them all off. Might be easier than finding them as I clean up.