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    Wood and Water. Storm prep and outing for hot tenting.

    That's a yellow birch. Granted the trunk rot makes ID really hard. This is the 100 dollar budget tipi. I will be posting a thread on it soon. Just leaving for the AT right now for an outing. If I have internet will stop by as it's expected to rain for days....
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    Surefire G2X Pro REVIEW

    Tonight I was running (literally on dirt roads) my G2X Pro 600 lumen using a KeepPower protected 16650. Worked great.
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    Wood and Water. Storm prep and outing for hot tenting.

    A few weeks ago did a multi day hot tent outing. Bad weather was expected. My shelter system runs on wood, water and power. As I boil (though have backup tabs) wood and water are interchangeable. Before the multi day storm hit I got my ducks in a row. Though was able to get a bit of wood during...
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    AA Zebralight vs 3xaaa headlamps for trail running

    The primary pro beyond the fact 1XAA = 2.5 (or so) AAA is what happens when your light runs low on batteries when on the fly trail running or night hiking. Try changing 3xAAA in the dark. I can easily change 1XAA and more easily pack an extra battery. Same for charging between daily conditioning...
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    I tested an old G2 tail cap for the G2X pro. Worked. I remember last year testing a 6P twisty and it worked on the 6PX pro I should try my G3 tail with McClicky. Used a 16650 Keeppower tonight for a dirt road walk with the 320 Lumen 6PX pro. I can certainly see the difference between the 320 and...
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    Why is the SureFire C2 so good?

    Fits my hands perfectly for that cigar hold.
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    [Review] - Armytek Viking Pro V3 XHP50 Warm White + Mount AWM-03 - by Lock

    I have the Viking Pro in XP-L Warm V3. Dropped it a few times on the street and beyond some scuffs it's just fine. I like the beam and the duel springs. Also had no issues with rain etc in the woods. Use it to spot potential widow makers on the trail or if setting up camp at night.
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    The SureFire 6PX/G2X Tactical and 6PX/G2X Pro Thread

    I got my black friday deal from SF in the mail the other day. Way less issues than in the past. They had the two lights for the same price but went for the G2X Pro. Already have a 6PX Pro 320 version so kinda didn't need another Al. Like my G2/G3/G2Z so figured why not.
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    [4K Review] ThruNite TH01 - 1500 lumens - 18350 - Headlamp - USB - Should be ace...

    Moved to headlamps. Left a shadow in the previous forum for 1 day.
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    Any oldschool folk here from 10+ years ago?

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    Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia Warm Headlamp Testing (Nichia 144A, 18650, On-Board Charge)

    Moved to "headlamps" however left a shadow in the previous forum for a few days so people participating can find it.
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    Moved to the forest, need recommendation for a rechargable light

    Have you considered a headlamp. Some can be used as handheld flashlights.
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    I have the same combo but in XP-G M31L and G3. Have a M31LL in Nichia and MD2. Solid lights for sure.
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    Malkoff M60 VS M61 which one is tougher?

    My gut feeling is M60. It's basically a sealed light in it's own right. One reason why I never sold my M60LL. The prefect backup drop-in. The fact it's sealed has another pro. I can move it around and more freely handle the drop-in without concern of accidentally touching the reflector or dust...
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    The Official Malkoff Junkie thread - Part 2

    With the E01 now discontinued and Arc no more maybe there is an opening for a bomb proof PSK AAA light. I have E01s in several PSKs. However maybe these lights are no longer made for a reason aka low demand.