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    【New Product】XTAR VC8 Plus Charger

    So glad to share this VC8 plus charger released online. Based on VC8, this VC8 plus charger added a DC input port (12V 3A), can reach max output 1A x 8. With DC and type-C dual input ports, it can meet more different charging demands. View more details on website...
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    【New Product】XTAR SP100 Solar Panel

    There is SP100 solar panel review by Gonagain:
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    【New Product】XTAR SP100 Solar Panel

    XTAR SP100 is a 100W portable solar panel for RV camping, home emergency preparedness, and off-road trips. Check more via this video:
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    【New Product】XTAR SP100 Solar Panel

    We just released this new portable &foldable 100W adjustable solar panel - SP100. Check details on website. You can get $30 OFF on this SP100 now. More coupons online! Main features of SP100...
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    Suggestion on PB-series lineup

    Hi there, thanks for your message. For the PB2S, it's designed with longer slots, can charge more than 18650, also 20700/21700 batteries, which meets different people's demand on this. As for USB-C input port, it's common and the tendency. :) Many customers think the Micro USB is obsolete, and...
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    VP2 successor?

    Hi sir, thanks for your kind message. The VP2 is the relatively old model charger, and we also need to consider the products' sales volume in the market. Sorry that we are planning on discontinuing this charger. For your kind suggestions, we appreciate them, will also give them to our engineers...
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    Wireless charging for flashlight batteries, is it possible?

    Nowadays, wireless battery charging is commonly found on smart phones, portable media players, tablets and wearables, which provides easy-to-use charging solutions. So would it also be possible to charge flashlight batteries with the wireless charging in the future? We may have thought about a...
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    【New Product】XTAR SN4 Camera Battery Charger

    So glad to share we released this 7-in-1 multiple camera battery charger - SN4. More details on our website: Main features: • Available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony batteries • Advanced modular docking station • Charge 4...
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    How do you think about the 1.5V rechargeable Li-ion battery?

    The new type 1.5V rechargeable Li-ion batteries are available in recent years. Compared to AA/AAA rechargeable NiMH battery and disposable alkaline battery, some people may not so familiar with this new Li-ion battery. So how about its performance? More info here. Li-ion batteries normally...
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    【New Product】XTAR B20 1200 Sports Flashlight

    Parameters here:
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    VC2 not charging AA's

    Hi there, for your AA Energizer Accu Recharge Power Plus, it needs to use chargers designed for NiMH batteries. And the XTAR VC2 charger charges different popular Li-ion batteries (10400-21700), but can't charge NiMh batteries. If you are looking for a charger that can do both, take a look at...
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    【New Product】XTAR B20 1200 Sports Flashlight

    So glad to share xtar B20 1200 sports flashlight was released! It’s an ideal companion for people requiring long-time lighting, such as searching, cave exploring... More info: Main features: • 21700 flashlight, runtime...
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    About flashlight performance measurement

    You may have heard the term ANSI FL1, which are the standards for flashlights, ensuring that models are tested and rated in the same way. Most manufacturers follow the ANSI FL1 standards describing their flashlights. Based on those info below, you can compare different flashlights, determine the...
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    What’s your EDC essentials?

    There are a few items that nearly everyone agree belong to an EDC kit, such as: *EDC flashlight, it helps eliminate dark situations. *Pocket knife, a versatile tool, for cutting through, defending yourself. *Watch, it can help make your days more efficient, also the delicate and beautiful...
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    What's your favorite UI design on flashlights?

    As the E-switches can work without interrupting the light being on, it allows for fancier UI than physical switches. It seems many people prefer the good e-switch UI. For example, Click on; Click off; Hold the switch to change modes, normally cycle from lowest to highest, then back round again...