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    Why no successor of the LF2XT (crowdfunding)?

    I got one of the last few pieces that were available for sale. Would surely go for another one - even with BT interface :) The beam profile is beautiful and bright on 14400.
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    What is the best headlamp for running?

    I am looking for something: - with a strong floody beam - as compact and light as possible - with a comfortable headband keeping it at proper place and maintaining the angle at which the lamp was set Any suggestions?
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    Fire Foxes FF3 -- I Am Blown Away!! **NEW BEAMSHOTS ADDED**

    Re: Fire Foxes FF3 -- I Am Blown Away!! **Beamshots!!** What is the runtime of FF3?
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    Spike Light - V3

    Will the battery pack survive 20m underwater? Did you test everything working under pressure and you can confirm it works or it is just the light itself that was not leaking? The video looks promising, I consider attaching the light to the front of my helmet and using it for some shallow cave...
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    Spike Light - V3

    Are you really sure of this 30m waterproof rating? I just started cave diving and it would be useful to have a headlamp I could use in dry cave areas which could be taken underwater without worrying. I don't plan to rely underwater on your lamp because I have much more specialized lights for...
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    GOT THROW? w/Pics

    What is this Coleman thing? WTB at last one!
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    The 5mm Challenge

    Does my SF A2 with the Aviatrix ring qualify if I use only one of its red LEDs? Is it possible to play with other lights without turning them on or it is against the rules? :)
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    your best AA light?

    Liteflux LF5XT
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    Budget lights - alternatives & price

    Re: Budget DX lights - alternatives & price Typical diving lighting equipment for DIR divers: Somebody from this forum: And something from EU, from my country...
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    LiteFlux LF5XT Opinions?

    I have bought one of the last remaining LF5XTs from LED Cool. The beam is perfect and very bright on AW 14500. The light is whinning a bit on max. I had some minor issues with the switch, but I unscrewed it just a bit and it now works fine. The quality of HA NAT is just perfect.
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    Windows 7 users

    Asus G1s, 4 Gigs, Win7 64-bit Windows runs just fine.
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    Xtar D31

    I have the D31 and I was seriously considering diving with it (at last at the time I was trying to get one), but now - when I have experienced its size and found how clumsy it is, I don't plan to take it underwater anymore. This is actualy not because of the weight (BTW 1,5kg is not underwater)...
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    Budget lights - alternatives & price

    Re: Budget DX lights - alternatives & price I have asked for info on those two lights you have mentioned in this thread because I wanted to decide between MC-E and SSC P7. Finally I have bought the MC-E version, because I was told it was brighter than the SSC-P7 by someone who compared them...