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    Which swiss army knife do you use?

    Since last posting to this thread I have lost my Wenger fisherman's style knife.:hairpull: It was replaced last year with a Victorinox Fisherman that is clipped on the outside of the Swiss Gear backpack I use as a tackle box. The hook remover/fish scaler is pricelss for removing hooks when I...
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    Any word on the Leatherman OHT ??

    I'm seriously considering one of these for fishing at night, which I do a lot. I have spoken with a couple of fellow anglers who use them and they have nothing but good things to say about it. Being able to use one hand to open the tool and remove a hook from a big, flopping fish's mouth while...
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    Samsung vs Apple

    The day the iphone 5 was first released just happened to be the day my contract with Verizon was up for renewal. They offered me an iphone 4 free with renewal so I went with it and so far, have no regrets. My two previous phones were Samsung and both had problems. The second one was supposed...
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    list your favorite single aa lights

    I have one and it gets regular rotation in my edc because of the build, tint, and UI. Perfect low for navigating my way to the bathroom, or down a trail at night. Bright enough on high with a nice neutral to warm tint. The ramping is very nice. My other single cell edc is a T1A Titan so...
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    Which of your lights seems to be the toughest? Least tough?

    Surefires: C2 w/M61W C3 w/M91 Titan T1A The Gerber Infinity is pretty tough despite the lack of lens. The cheapest are those dollar store 3xAAA shower heads that friends buy for me because they know I'm into lights.
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    Target lameness... less selection

    I was not happy when I noticed the selection took a nose dive. Same deal with the camping aisle. Fewer Leatherman and Victorinox products.
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    What do you keep next to your bed?

    SF T1A Titan on a neck lanyard for getting up at night for a drink or bathroom. If I need more than that there is a SF C3 w/M91 on my dresser.
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    Trying to find the make/model of a right angle tacitcal light

    One of these?
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    Where do you go to play with your flashlights---

    Hiking trails, along the river when I fish and when we are really bored we go to the east side of Detroit and scare the crap out of the crackheads.:crackup:
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    Updated Inova lights???

    I know the X1 is in its fourth generation with a better emmiter and reflector. Much better than the last version. I think there is a thread around here about it if it wasn't lost during the crash. Still single stage though.
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    List your top 5 favorite bands/artists

    The Grateful Dead. As far as I'm concerned that's enough music for five bands.
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    Donuts, how do you avoid them?

    Yeah I remember this one. My answer was that I'm a Chef and its my job to eat this stuff so I stopped being afraid as it pays the bills. Never trust a skinny Chef.
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    Flashaholics: LIGHTS OUT March 26th, 8:30PM

    I'll fire up my Hi Gain 4D with Luxeon drop-in for some ceiling bounce while I cruise the shortwave bands on one of my Grundigs. Might dust off the passive loop and see what I can DX on AM.
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    Can you eat your flashlight ?

    WOW!!! I need to check that place out next time we go to Ann Arbor. I think I just found where my Groom's Cake is coming from!:thumbsup:
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    Butter and Bread and Sandwiches Oh My!

    Head Cheese. Two words that really shouldn't go together, but it tastes so damn good. I like the hot variety on white with cheddar. I had a good sandwich a few days ago. Smoked turkey and gouda with romaine and my own cranberry honey dijon on a fresh pretzle roll. Cranberry Honey...