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    UV-C Neon tube ballast

    Probably a ballast for a typical F30T8 fluorescent lamp The "G" in G30T8 stands for "Germicidal" The construction's the same as a fluorescent tube minus the phosphor but the "glass" is also something which lets UV-C through, probably quartz (the glass used on a regular fluorescent lamp would...
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    Found an induction bulb in a retail store

    They were announced a few years back as the "Finally" light bulb by Boston, Massachusetts based startup Lucidity Lights. Hadn't heard of them being on the retail store shelves until now. Not much info on their website though, just a signup for announcements
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    Indoor/Outdoor HD TV Antenna

    Channel Master CM3010HD "STEALTHtenna50" in my room. Kitchen/Breakfast TV has a MOHU Leaf 30
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    Haylo Emergency Power LED Light Bulb

    They've been around for a little while already. A friend on a street lighting forum that I frequently visit has the version that Feit Electric sells at Home Depot under the "IntelliBulb" branding.
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    Light to illuminate large area behind backyard??

    Fixtures like that are available with dusk to dawn photocells although you are more likely to find motion-sensors on this style of floodlights You could put one on the...
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    Light to illuminate large area behind backyard??

    The classic PAR-38 lampholder mentioned by iamlucky13 is an option. If you have a Lowe's in your area, look for the Sylvania Night Chaser LED floodlamp to go in those sockets.
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    Inexpensive shop light no ballast?

    That looks like an older Lights Of America shop light. I've taken one of these fixtures apart but I pretty much destroyed it to get to the ballast. The plastic thing in the middle contains an electronic starting circuit (capacitors and a sidac). The ballasts (actually a choke and a capacitor...
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    20,000 Watt Light Bulb Test

    Andy has also done large short-arcs lamps in the past:
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    Water Saving Shower heads?

    The Oxygenics BodySpa gets a good review among the RVing community (consider that many RVs have limited onboard water supplies when camping without hookups)
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    I just tried Carolina Reaper pepper flakes! - share an extreme heat food story here!

    A while back, my friend's dad made some chili beans and I joined them for dinner that night. Told me to try adding some Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce to it. I put a drop about dime-sized in my bowl of chili before eating it. Wasn't bad at first but then the heat started building up; took two...
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    CREE T8 48" LED Tube Teardown

    I have a pair of the earlier Philips Instant-Fit that have plastic (instead of glass) sleeves and could be taken apart easily and somewhat re-assembled. I left the sleeves off them when I re-assembled them and they live above my "80s kitchen" fluorescent ceiling panels. Mine has two separate...
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    Side marker + turn signal repeater?

    Just did a friend's Tacoma earlier today using my trailer light converter module method.
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    Side marker + turn signal repeater?

    I did that to work with LED marker lamps (note that in the "floating ground" method, current flows either way through the bulb's filament depending on function)
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    Side marker + turn signal repeater?

    I've tried the "floating ground" method mentioned on Daniel Stern's site but have also used a "trailer light converter" module which combined separate turn signal/brake light bulbs circuits on a vehicle to a combined turn and brake light on a trailer. In my application, I connected the "brake"...
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    LED or CFL 100 watt dimmable fit for use in a 12 inch diameter glass globe enclosure?

    Levition TruTouch ? It seems most "high tech" type dimmers like that have trouble; likely the internal electronics need to rely on a path to neutral through a filament in an incandescent lamp to operate properly. Try a regular "knob" or sliding type (Levition SureSlide perhaps) dimmer.