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    Black Diamond Storm 2018

    I bought it and it's going back to the store. That buzzing sound you might have read about? It's still there. Whether the light is dimmed or full power, buzzing is there. Is there a headlamp that has spot+flood and RGB that doesnt use pwm flash leds?
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    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    I'm going to see Black Diamond Storm and Petzl Tactikka RGB at MEC store in Burlington, these incorporate 3 different lights in one headlamp and are fairly inexpensive in comparison to ZebraLight. Also, I bought Olight H2R Nova to compare. It seems it is a while till I can get my hands on...
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    Olight H2R Nova

    I checked today and does not have any info on H2R nova anymore. Also, H1 info disappeared. Any thoughts?
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    Zebralight H600/H604/H600F MKIV headlamp

    Hi, I'm very interested in these headlamps, still little confused with some info though. I'm leaning towards H600FW mk4 based on what's been presented in this thread, but I'm still deciding on the pros and cons of FW vs FD and HXP35 vs XHP50.2. I understand Flood Wide, but Flood D? As a side...