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  • Hi Pablo,

    Sorry for the late reply, my mailbox was full ;)

    I will make it für 35.- incl. shipping.

    About the height for the led: Für the Luxeon 5 its 20mm, I would say emitter + die height = 3mm
    For a XP-G2 with 1.5mm sinkpad its 1.5 + 0.8 = 2.3mm. So for a XP-G2 the total height would be 20.7mm. --> Tell me is that okay for you?
    The diameter for the driver can up to 20mm --> Tell me the diameter + height for your driver.

    I don't know other flashaholic from switzerland.

    greetings Peter

    PS: Which language do you speak?
    Hi Peter,

    Your PM inbox is full

    Thanks for your reply, the driver i used in the E1l mod was this driver : https://illuminationsupply.com/led-drivers-c-52_32/8xamc7135-304a-selectable-mode-driver-p-142.html#.Um7Zm_lHR8E

    i just removed few chip to get the correct current to the led, 3A was way too much for a small light and little battery.

    I would love if you can build me a led tower similar as Netkidz, no worry for the large spring, i should be able to source one.

    of much would you want for a empty, raw aluminium led tower (i will use a 1.5mm thick sinkpad base copper cut down)?

    do you know other flasholic from CPF in Switzerland?


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