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    REAL WORLD REVIEWS – ThorFire BLF Q8 Searchlight

    Nice, I’ll have to try that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    REVIEW: Nitecore TINI Keychain Flashlight

    Unfortunately I have to agree. I really looked forward to this light and it has been a near total disappointment. Faulty battery, weird electronics behavior, some stark design issues in terms of it coming on in the pocket and so forth. Just not a great pocket light. Sent from my iPad using...
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    Sentimental light?

    My Original Night-Ops Gladius -was- that light, but then someone on the forum did a fantastic LED upgrade on it so now it’s back in play and able to shine with the best of them!
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    What did you do for runtime before LEDs?

    I used to do a TON of “back country” camping where you packed everything in and weight really mattered. In the winter the lithium batteries were a godsend for their temperature tolerance but you used that light very sparingly and for many MANY years I used a combination of a UCO CandleLantern...
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    What kind of LED / reflector combo is best for a very NARROW spill / strong hotspot?

    All I can say is that I was LE ages ago and I would have nearly sold a kidney to get a light like the G35 for duty.
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    What kind of LED / reflector combo is best for a very NARROW spill / strong hotspot?

    Very simple. Klarus G35. You want some punch and a thrower, it’s an excellent light.
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    Sunwayman D40A

    Still one of my all time favorite lights AND Sunwayman still stands behind it. I had an older one where the plastic over the buttons cracked and they sent me replacments for the plastic, metal frame, screws, and gasket making it absolutely new again! See post #27 Real World Review – Sunwayman...
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    Experts Needed (Olight S1R II Baton questions)

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    Experts Needed (Olight S1R II Baton questions)

    Re: Experts Needed! (get in here) The simple answer is that the entire baton light line are solid and well designed tools. They are intended for close to medium distance and are a “controlled flood” that lights up an area so if you want “distance punch” this might not be the right light...
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    Flashlight / torch use by the public less common?

    I used to get teased because I always have a good quality (small but powerful) flashlight and a decent pocket-knife with me. In more recent times I also added a Gerber “Shard” tool which has been far more useful than expected. Most of the same people don’t tease me anymore because at one time...
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    Thermal regulation making runtime charts worthless?

    Personally I'm finding this whole, discussion rather amusing since I advocated having a different set of parameters for measuring runtime years ago when this whole lumen race started. a few people agreed, but mostly I just got dismissed as a solution in search of a problem then again that's...
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    Where did all the oldtimers go.

    I know that for me, personally, I've hit a plateau because the lights do all I need and then some. The most favorite light I've ever owned is the BLF Q8 which has demonstrated the capability to do everything I have been able to ask from it. It has been great for around the house stuff all the...
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    SEEKING - Light with a GITD bezel.

    YES, THAT is what I'm looking for. Thanks
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    SEEKING - Light with a GITD bezel.

    Not a bad idea but she complains about the switch-light on my BLF-Q8 and makes me put it in a drawer (LOL)
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    SEEKING - Light with a GITD bezel.

    My wife would like a "nightstand" flashlight with a nice GITD (Glow in the Dark) bezel. I have one with a GITD "O" ring, but that isn't enough, she wants one where the bezel or a ring on the bezel gets charged each time she uses the light. I found a couple of cheap plastic junk ones, but...

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