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    ego BA2240 56V 4Amp battery pack.

    Well I know this is a bit off topic but there are Cree LEDs used as a head light. What I'm really curious about is the battery management that is built into the pack./ Pack: Manual...
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    Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light

    Spectral Extravaganza: The Ultimate Light ... " What do you get when you cross an astronomically-inclined physicist with concerns over energy efficiency in lighting? Spectra. Lots and lots of spectra. In this post, we’ll become familiar with spectral...
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    Lights to take to Southern Africa

    Hi, you will also need a good multitool for the emergency repair jobs. Also look into a holster that combines a multitool and flashlight your Tesco 2AA torch. Look for a holster with a flap over the top to keep things from falling out. =D~~ Kilted
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    Your most surprising lights?

    Moldyoldy, for your fix see; =D~~ Kilted
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    Nightstand Flashlight (Rebooted)

    One of these my first really nice flashlight;***-Closed And a PhotonFanatic "Groovy" set very low.
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    Question about braiding pattern used on front cord of Fenix TK40

    It is a square braid lanyard. You can tell by the feel. Just do a web search there are many how-to sites. How do you intend to fasten the lanyard to the tail cap? =D~~ Kilted
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    Human powered lighting Have alook at these I like the DL-1 it is the most robust. Combine with Freeplay lights, and yes Flash-aholics can change the 3-NiMH when they go. And a solar powered charging station, the home front is taken care...
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    Lessons learned from long power outtage

    It will take about 40 mins. The Freeplay battery pack is NiMH 3.6v approx 2000mah. How long does it take to fully charge the battery? Using the wall adapter, it will take about 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Or using the crank, it...
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    Emergency/Survival Flashlight Challenge

    I am surprised no one has mentioned the Freeplay lights. True they are not going to win a brightness contest, but they do not require an off board charger. In an emergency just crank! Or set your self up with solar chargers if you are lucky enough to be at home near the toys. I have been...
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    power failure light

    Well since this tread is now 9.5+ years old technology has moved on a bit. We here in Palo Alto just lived through a power outage from 7:56AM until 5:45PM when a light aircraft cliped a power pylon leaving Palo Alto airport. Any light that comes on automaticly is meant for getting you OUT of...
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    Flashlight with 18650 and charging connector ?

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the Inova T4 =D~~ Kilted
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    Good old Murphy's Law (thought i lost my Fenix...)

    Funny you should mention that. I almost lost my SF-U2 twice in one week. I do not carry it in a pants pocket, sometimes I do not have pockets. So it lives in a zip up pocket in my back pack. One time it was hiding under things turned a living room and car inside out. Next it was doing a...
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    What flashlight do you use most often?

    I carry two: During the day, on my belt an Inova XO3, and a Leatherman Wave, with a Surefire U2 in my gear bag. When the belt gets left home I have the U2. Both have LiIon cells with spares and two spare CR123A. When at home to read the power meter my L6. Then all the rest, in some loose...
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    Best light for Real Estate Broker?

    OK, try this one: 3W /5W mulit-level output flashlight for Wholesale QuickSilver V $70.00
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    Best light for Real Estate Broker?

    A Surefire U2 see the group buy thread by turbodog: Can be run on CR123A's or Li-Ion protected or unprotected. =D~~ Kilted
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    Emergancy Flashlights...

    So I decided I need another flashlight. I went looking for an emergency flashlight. One of those that does not need batteries. What I found at Brookstone is their "Readylight" it is a 5 LED hand cranked generator light. Initally it starts out farily bright about level 3-4 on my Surefire U2...
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    The power's out, the power's out! Bwahahahahah!

    Re: The power\'s out, the power\'s out! Bwahahahahah Well I kinda had a power outage last night, from Friday night 11:35 pm until noon on Saturday. It was "kinda" as I was checking the house battery bank, 24kwh battery bank connected to my 5kw inverter that does double duty when the sun is up...
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    What Was Your First "Favorite" Flashlight?

    Re: What Was Your First \"Favorite\" Flashlight? My current edc Inova XO3. This one spark my interest, never seen a led flashlight so bright with such a smooth beam. Started a whole new hobby. =D~~ Kilted
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    Good all purpose scuba flashlight

    [ QUOTE ] 270winchester said: there are surefires that you can talk to SF directly about getting them water-proofed. I don't see why a 6P can't be water-tightened... [/ QUOTE ] Waterproof is one thing, crush proof at depth is all together different. One atomsphere per square inch every 33ft...
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    Light for a girl please?

    How about a Groovy they look like jewels. =D~~ kilted

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