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    Olight Blue seeker 2 Pro.

    I have the normal seeker 2 pro and love it. Good beam and long long run times. [emoji106][emoji106]
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    [4K Review] LUMINTOP FW4A - Toasty toasty toasty!!!!

    Looked at this light but ordered a D4v2 instead. Nice vid as always[emoji106]
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    New Release - OLight Seeker 2 Pro (3200 Pocket Flooder) Full Review

    I love my Seeker Pro for night walking. Hardly need to use levels above low. Turbo is just awesome and only needed for a short time. [emoji106]
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    What was the last LED light you purchased and why?

    Looks like a nice light and am waiting to see a review on it. Just decided on getting a D4v2 and then they release what do I get [emoji23]
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    [Review] - Lumintop FW21 - 2800 lumen, 21700, Luminus SST20, Neutral White - by Lock

    Thank you for the excellent and comprehensive review. Can you tel me of a Samsung 40T will work in this light as I saw a review where the battery was too short to work. I have heard that this issue has been resolved with shorter tubes now being used.
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    [4K Review] OLIGHT M2R (Pro) WARRIOR - come out to play...

    I think the beam looks good but as you say not that cracking for walking!! Thanks for the awesome vid [emoji106]
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    Pic heavy!!!Review Lumintop EDC18(or as I call "the GREEN BUNNY")

    Pic heavy!!!Review Lumintop EDC18(or as I call "the GREEN BUNNY") Not liking the idea of no glass, in their description of the light it says it has ar coated glass?
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    [4K Review] Astrolux MF01 MINI - 21700 Power!

    This looks like a perfect all round light. Looks to be able to compete with the Fireflies e07 too and is cheaper. Think I may be having to prefer tis from the BG app! [emoji7] Great video thank you.
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    Emisar D4SV2 finally released

    Looks like some nice upgrades there. Also think the 26650 will give some good run times. Am hoping that they do the D4v2 in a 21700 option too. [emoji106]
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    [4K Review] Astrolux EC01 - Epic value!!!

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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    Please someone make a 21700 tube for this [emoji106][emoji106]
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    [4K Review] FIREFLIES E07 - Copper 219B Review

    Not sure how much longer I can resist this light, also wish they made the Emisar D4 with a 21700 tube.
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    [4K Review] Reylight LAN - Limited Copper Edition

    Think I’m starting to like copper lights [emoji106]
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    [4K Review] FIREFLIES E07 - Copper 219B Review

    Yeah it is in some shots but in others it looks sweet and the colours pop. Especially when they show the hell hound [emoji23]
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    [4K Review] FIREFLIES E07 - Copper 219B Review

    Me either, too many choices and can’t decide [emoji23]
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    [4K Review] Imalent MS18 Review (Top 4 brightest lights head to head!)

    How do you do these tests without the Police and residents thinking there is an alien invasion [emoji23][emoji23]
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    Love the look of the new aux led’s. Can’t decide between this and the E07 as my budget won’t cover both.
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    Thanks guys [emoji106]
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    EMISAR D4 Version 2!!

    Anyone know what the extra 10623 optic means, is it an added one or are they all changed from 10622 to 10623? Also what is the difference? Sorry in advance for being a bit thick.